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mobilité connectée deux roues

2021 January 18 sharing and free-floating

Shared micro-mobility: the marked gap between men’s and women’s behaviours

The figures communicated by the operators of shared mobility, in particular self-service bicycles and scooters, are indisputable: women represent only one third of the users of shared vehicles. How can this difference in use between men and women in the shared micro-mobility market be explained?

2021 January 12 News

URBAN MOBILITY: The important events for professionals in France and Europe in 2021

Overview of professional events in the cycle and mobility industry in France and Europe in 2021.

2021 January 6 News

Wink Bar, the story of Velco’s connected handlebar

First product developed by Velco, Wink Bar the connected handlebar made a remarkable entry into the cycle market. In spite of its strong potential, this major innovation did not find the place the company had hoped for, so it adapted with a new strategy: to capitalize on its tracking skills with new products and an extended business software suite to support urban mobility professionals.

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