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2024 July 5 News

Velco enhances IoT connectivity with new motorist partnership

French leader in IoT and software solutions for the e-bike industry, Velco expands its premium IoT connectivity catalog through a partnership with Mivice, an innovative and growing motor manufacture focusing with its product portfolio in the field of urban mobility.

2024 June 14 News

Discover the trends for the future of electric bikes

Faced with the urgent need to protect the climate and the current economic situation, the current climate is favoring the development of bicycles, and electric bikes in particular. Less polluting than a car and more attractive for everyday use than a traditional bicycle, the electric bike is gaining more and more ground in our cities. In this dynamic, the various stakeholders, including brands, associations and governments, are getting organized to support and amplify the impact of electric bikes. 

2024 June 13 News

Panot x Velco: A strategic and connected partnership to develop cycling in Spain   

After signing its first clients in Germany and the US, Velco continues its international expansion with the signature of a new partnership with Panot, a visionary e-bike rental company based in Barcelona.   

2024 May 22 News

Electric Bike Brands: What Criteria Should You Consider When Choosing Your IoT?

In an increasingly connected world, the electric bike industry is not lagging. On the contrary, it embraces this trend by offering smarter, more interactive experiences to cyclists. To achieve this,

2024 May 22 News

CAN vs UART: what are the differences between the two communication modes?

Discover how CAN and UART communication protocols are transforming the electric bike industry. With the increasing complexity of integrated peripherals (GPS, sensors, brakes, etc.), these protocols ensure smooth, efficient communication.

2024 March 26 News

Bicycle market in Poland 2022: How to explain the gap between production and consumption?

With 1,040,000 units produced by 2022, Poland is Europe’s 5th largest bicycle producer, behind Portugal, Romania, Italy and Germany. The dynamic Polish bicycle and accessory manufacturing market is growing by around 15% every year.

2024 March 25 News


As a curative measure implemented at the cyclist’s initiative, the tracker contrasts with the connected IoT (Internet of Things) module, which offers a different approach. The result of a genuine strategy on the part of the electric bike brand, the connected IoT is installed at the bike manufacturing stage, fully integrated into the bike’s design, and offers more reliable and far more advanced services than simple geolocation.

2024 March 19 Focus on our customers


Founded in 2021 by three mobility enthusiasts, Lyon-based Ultima Mobility can be elevated to the status of a symbol of the French cycle industry. With a range of bicycles bearing the Origine France Garantie label, 90% of which are produced in France, Ultima aims to produce innovative, eco-responsible mobility solutions that are accessible to the general public. Winner of the “Design & Innovation Award 2024” in the “urban” category, this connected bike by Velco has everything to impress.

Muli cycles smart cargo bike with velco

2024 February 19 Focus on our customers

Velco gains a foothold in Germany with Muli Cycles

Smart products from Velco, the French pioneer of the connected e-bike, are now being installed in muli cycles’ compact cargo bikes. By using the Shimano EP6 cargo motor, the Gates belt drive and the Velco applications, the muli Motor st pro cargo bike model is turned into a real smart bike.

bike industry challenges stocks

2024 February 16 News

Bike industry updates: crisis, overstocks trouble, cash flow and bullwhip effect

The bike industry is facing big challenges to manage the demand changes and the bullwhip effect. Understand the situation and the perspectives for the bicycle market.

connected ebike for brands

2024 February 13 News

4 misconceptions about the connected bike or smartbike

The functionalities of the connected e-bike are often misunderstood. Here are 4 preconceived ideas that persist in the imagination around the smartbike, that need to be deconstructed to understand the

2024 January 23 Focus on our customers

FUELL connects their Flluid range of electric bikes with Velco

FUELL, the futuristic e-bike brand FUELL was born in 2019 with the mission of reinventing the pleasure of driving in the city. The brand is the result of the meeting

2024 January 13 News

Two-wheeler brands: reassure, attract and retain customers through connectivity

Manufacturers of bicycles, scooters, or motorcycles, make the difference with secure connected vehicles to offer innovative services and build long-term customer loyalty.

2024 January 4 News

Velco brings connectivity to the U.S bike market by partnering with 3 new brands

French leader in connected solutions for the electric bicycle industry, Velco is accelerating its global development with the signing of three new brands in the United States, thus initiating its entry into this high-potential market.

On the other side of the Atlantic, electric bikes are gaining ground, with the million-unit mark passed for the first time, representing growth of 25% by 2022.

2023 December 19 News

Velco raises €2 million and aims to reach profitability

Velco, a provider of connected solutions for electric bicycle brands, is raising a further €2 million to accelerate its development and reach profitability.

cycling industry events

2023 December 11 News

CYCLING INDUSTRY: main events and tradeshows for professionals in Europe in 2024

Overview of professional events in the cycle and mobility industry in Europe in 2023.

2023 November 27 News

Bike brands: how can you promote your sustainable engagement?

The world and consumer habits are changing fast. In the face of ecological urgency, more and more consumers want to align their commitments with their consumption choices. Indeed, 52% of European consumers consider it important that the products they use are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2023 November 2 News

The British bicycle market lags behind European growth

After years of growth, 2022 has been a difficult year for the UK bicycle market. According to John Worthington, Head of Analysis at the Bicycle Association – the UK’s leading industry organization – the current landscape is complex, marked by worrying economic and commercial signals.

2023 October 4 News

Cargo bikes, speed bikes, mountain bikes: for every bike a connectivity application!

In harmony with our increasingly digitalized lifestyles, the promise is to offer all cyclists a safe and entertaining experience. To achieve this, the connected electric bike integrates an IoT, enabling it to communicate with its environment. It thus becomes a smartbike, capable of receiving and transmitting data in real time. Once processed, this data is transformed into services using software dedicated to brands and cyclists.

Depending on the type of bike (city bike, mountain bike, cargo bike, etc.), the data collected will have a different use and scope for both the cyclist and the bike brand.

2023 September 26 News

The American e-bike market: between challenges and opportunities

The automotive industry is culturally rooted in the United States. In the past few years, however, we have witnessed a paradigm shift marked by the emergence of the bicycle as an alternative and leisure mode of transportation. In this nuanced context, opportunities and challenges exist side by side for the development of a bicycle industry that aims to be sustainable and deep-rooted.

2023 September 21 Focus on our customers

Velco connects Galian’s Cargotails bikes for a bold and committed mobility

Galian, the Rennes-based manufacturer of electric cargo bikes, has set itself the mission of decarbonizing daily commutes by offering a sustainable and complete alternative to the car. To market the “Formidable”, the world’s first Cargotail – cargo bike and longtail – the Galian brand has chosen Velco as its connectivity supplier.

Polini and Velco partners to connect the italian e-bike market

2023 September 14 News


Polini and Velco partners to connect the Italian e-bike market.
The Italian leader e-drive systems are now compatible with Velco’s digital solution, making it very easy for bike brands to launch their smartbikes.

2023 July 13 News

Focus on using IOT to avoid bicycle collisions 

Find out how IoTs can be used to avoid bicycles collisions in this blog post. Learn more about how they work and the different technologies involved.

2023 July 13 News

The Spanish bicycle market in 2023: trends, challenges and perspectives

After two years of record post-Covid recovery, also impacted by component shortages, the Spanish bicycle market has seen a decline in sales and turnover in 2022. Faced with these challenges, the Spanish industry

2023 July 13 News

The Portuguese bicycle industry: an emerging industry facing new challenges

Renowned for its high production volumes, the Portuguese bicycle industry continues to develop and structure itself. Its aim is now to move towards more premium and innovative production.

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