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2020 May 11 Libre-service et free-floating

Free-floating in France : figures, stakes and opportunities

Free-floating was born in China, thanks to the company Ofo, a bicycle-sharing specialist, which will deploy a first system in 2014. In recent years, free-floating has made its appearance in

2020 May 3 MaaS

MaaS: revolution and stakes

The climate crisis and the development of cities place mobility in the face of new challenges, where innovation must be centred on the user and his expectations. MaaS (Mobility as

Velco customers

2020 March 20 UX/UI

Urban mobility: how to build your digital interfaces (UX/UI)

Urban mobility is constantly changing, with increasingly high expectations from the end-user perspective. Websites, applications, online services, digital platforms are multiplying and have the challenge of offering a fluid and successful user experience. Feedback on the user experience and its understanding within Velco.

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