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2023 November 27 News

CYCLING INDUSTRY: main events and tradeshows for professionals in Europe in 2024

Overview of professional events in the cycle and mobility industry in Europe in 2023.

2023 November 27 News

Bike brands: how can you promote your sustainable engagement?

The world and consumer habits are changing fast. In the face of ecological urgency, more and more consumers want to align their commitments with their consumption choices. Indeed, 52% of European consumers consider it important that the products they use are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2023 November 2 News

The British bicycle market lags behind European growth

After years of growth, 2022 has been a difficult year for the UK bicycle market. According to John Worthington, Head of Analysis at the Bicycle Association – the UK’s leading industry organization – the current landscape is complex, marked by worrying economic and commercial signals.

2023 October 4 News

Cargo bikes, speed bikes, mountain bikes: for every bike a connectivity application!

In harmony with our increasingly digitalized lifestyles, the promise is to offer all cyclists a safe and entertaining experience. To achieve this, the connected electric bike integrates an IoT, enabling it to communicate with its environment. It thus becomes a smartbike, capable of receiving and transmitting data in real time. Once processed, this data is transformed into services using software dedicated to brands and cyclists.

Depending on the type of bike (city bike, mountain bike, cargo bike, etc.), the data collected will have a different use and scope for both the cyclist and the bike brand.

2023 September 26 News

Discover the trends for the future of electric bikes

Faced with the urgent need to protect the climate and the current economic situation, the current climate is favoring the development of bicycles, and electric bikes in particular. Less polluting than a car and more attractive for everyday use than a traditional bicycle, the electric bike is gaining more and more ground in our cities. In this dynamic, the various stakeholders, including brands, associations and governments, are getting organized to support and amplify the impact of electric bikes. 

2023 September 26 News

The American e-bike market: between challenges and opportunities

The automotive industry is culturally rooted in the United States. In the past few years, however, we have witnessed a paradigm shift marked by the emergence of the bicycle as an alternative and leisure mode of transportation. In this nuanced context, opportunities and challenges exist side by side for the development of a bicycle industry that aims to be sustainable and deep-rooted.

2023 September 21 News

Velco connects Galian’s Cargotails bikes for a bold and committed mobility

Galian, the Rennes-based manufacturer of electric cargo bikes, has set itself the mission of decarbonizing daily commutes by offering a sustainable and complete alternative to the car. To market the “Formidable”, the world’s first Cargotail – cargo bike and longtail – the Galian brand has chosen Velco as its connectivity supplier.

Polini and Velco partners to connect the italian e-bike market

2023 September 14 News


Polini and Velco partners to connect the Italian e-bike market.
The Italian leader e-drive systems are now compatible with Velco’s digital solution, making it very easy for bike brands to launch their smartbikes.

2023 July 13 News

Focus on using IOT to avoid bicycle collisions 

Find out how IoTs can be used to avoid bicycles collisions in this blog post. Learn more about how they work and the different technologies involved.

2023 July 13 News

The Spanish bicycle market in 2023: trends, challenges and perspectives

After two years of record post-Covid recovery, also impacted by component shortages, the Spanish bicycle market has seen a decline in sales and turnover in 2022. Faced with these challenges, the Spanish industry

2023 July 13 News

The Portuguese bicycle industry: an emerging industry facing new challenges

Renowned for its high production volumes, the Portuguese bicycle industry continues to develop and structure itself. Its aim is now to move towards more premium and innovative production.

2023 July 10 News

The bicycle market in the BENELUX region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

While the market for electric bicycles in Europe is growing, there are differences from one region to another. Each country has its own market conditions and mobility trends. The Benelux region, made up of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, is an area where we can observe different levels of maturity in terms of the bike market.

2023 July 8 News

Discover the latest technological innovations in connected e-bikes

In this blog post, discover the latest technological innovations in connected e-bikes. Optimise your cycling safety, routes, performance and much more.

2023 July 3 News

The Italian bicycle market gets a renaissance thanks to electric bikes

In the Italian bicycle market, while volume sales of conventional bicycles have fallen by 10% in 2022, those of electric bikes continue to grow. At the same time, local production is being reinvented and strengthened by the manufacture of electric bikes, sparking new interest in the Italian bicycle industry.

2023 June 26 News

Eurobike 2023: highlights and latest innovations!

Discover our article dedicated to the Eurobike 2023 show, where you’ll find out more about the show’s highlights and discover the latest innovations.

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2023 June 14 News


Velco is now collaborating with Shimano to offer IoT and digital solutions to bicycle brands and manufacturers. After 2 years of development, Velco officially becomes the off-shelf IoT device partner of the Japanese giant bicycle parts and engine manufacturer.

2023 June 13 News

Discover the latest innovation in the e-bike industry.  

The dynamism of the electric bicycle market has led several players to take an interest in it. In a market with a relatively homogenous offering, players in the sector are focusing on innovation to stand out from the crowd. New materials, new services or new commercial approaches, innovation makes it possible to attract cyclists while removing potential obstacles to the use of electric bikes. Discover 7 innovations that are challenging the global e-bike market.

2023 June 13 Fleet management

What is geofencing and how does it work?  

In an evolving world of interconnected devices and hyper-personalized experiences, geofencing has emerged as a game-changing technology. By providing a real-time bridge between the physical and digital realms, geofencing has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals engage with their environment. By harnessing the power of location-based services and boundary detection, geofencing opens up a world of possibilities for targeted marketing, enhanced security and seamless automation for the mobility industry.  

2023 June 13 News

Velco Fleet, bike rental management software 

With several bikes in circulation, the fleet manager needs visibility. In real time, he must be able to visualise the state of his bikes to guarantee an optimal service to his customers: number and location of available bikes, state of their battery, number of journeys made, maintenance operations to be planned, etc.    
Connectivity addresses these different needs

2023 April 28 News

V2X technology for bicycle safety and comfort

Even though the electric bike market is growing fast, the feeling of insecurity prevents some people from taking the plunge. But what if technology could make it possible to improve the safety of cyclists, and more generally of all users? This is what “V2X” or “vehicle to everything” technology is all about.

2023 April 17 News

The electric MTB boom: a technological opportunity for brands

In 2020, the electric mountain bike market was valued at over 4.5 billion euros. According to some forecasts, its value is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2026, a growth rate of about 12% each year.

Young woman riding e bike in urban enviroment at sunny day

2023 March 9 News

The electric bike market in the D-A-CH region ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland )

To have a better understanding of the current state of the electric bicycle market, these different dynamics lead us to take a closer look at certain regions, with a first focus on the D-A-CH zone, which is made up of Germany, the leading country for bicycles in Europe, and Austria and Switzerland.

2023 February 7 News

How can electric bike brands appeal to cyclists?

In a bicycle market with strong growth thanks to the electric segment, companies are facing new challenges to manage inventories while anticipating supply problems and variations in component prices. Another challenge is that many new entrants are entering this attractive and dynamic market, and established brands are having to reinvent themselves.

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2023 January 16 News

Bike industry updates: overstocks, cash flow and bullwhip effect

The bike industry is facing big challenges to manage the demand changes and the bullwhip effect. Understand the situation and the perspectives for the bicycle market.

2023 January 10 News

Data and cybersecurity: best practices for electric bike brands

In the digital era, a lot of data is collected every day. By accompanying users on their daily journeys, connected bikes and the services they provide generate a mass of

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