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can bus trottinettes

2020 September 7 Data and connectivity

How standardization and the use of the CAN BUS will enable electric soft mobility to go to scale ?

The CAN can address the three challenges of urban mobility which are: durability, maintenance and safety of both vehicles and users.

2020 September 1 Data and connectivity

5G: the new challenges for mobility

The 5G will soon be arriving in France. This will not only be a real upheaval for the mobile telephony field but also for all sectors: health, entertainment, urban mobility… Characteristics, uses, operation, what is 5G? What are the benefits and risks in terms of mobility?

2020 August 24 Smart City

Smart City and Mobility: trends and innovations

Many cities are in the process of transitioning to the Smart City and have therefore implemented solutions to improve the urban mobility offer for city dwellers. The advent of MaaS, the growth of soft mobility and innovations, a look back at advances in Smart Mobility.

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