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2021 March 17 Smart City

EDPM: How can professionals convince more people?

11% of French people are regular users of MPVs (22% have already used them). Faced with the expansion of new mobility solutions, the authorities have decided to give a name and define a regulation around these vehicles.

2021 March 10 Smart City

Folding bike: the promising future of this atypical bike

The folding bike is currently a real star. In 2020, folding bikes were the favorite of cyclists with an increase in sales of over 12% according to LeParisien. This is the second highest increase after electric bikes.

2021 January 25 News

A National and European recognition for Velco

Velco receives prestigious awards that reinforce the daily efforts of the entire team to innovate and take risks in order to meet the changing challenges of urban mobility.

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