IoT Devices

Velco designs and manufactures premium IoT products for electric bicycles, capable of collecting and receiving data but also of triggering actions remotely.

Collect data and trigger actions remotely

Invisible devices, easy to integrate

CAN connection and LTE-M technology

Nuotrax: connected handlebar

The Nuotrax connected handlebar collects data and triggers remote actions on the electric bike for safe and sustainable mobility. Nuotrax communicates with CAN protocol and transmits via LTE-M technology. The connected handlebar is a 2-in-1 IoT device, available in different forms to be easily integrated on all electric bikes: City, Trek, MTB. It can integrate an audible alarm.

Mobitrax: connected compact box

The Mobitrax connected box collects data and triggers remote actions on the electric bike, for a secure and sustainable mobility. Mobitrax communicates with the CAN protocol and transmits via LTE-M technology. The connected box is very compact and easy to integrate on all types of electric bikes. It is available in two versions (with or without alarm) and two sizes: S or XS.


Velco’s IoT products include a comprehensive bike theft prevention feature. Notification of suspicious movement alerts the owner of the bike in real-time on his phone. If the user is in “surveillance” mode, the anti-theft device is automatically activated: Nuotrax and Mobitrax have an audible alarm of up to 102 decibels that is triggered. The electric drive of the bike is immediately switched off, making it impossible for the thief to use it.

If, despite the device, the bike is stolen, the products incorporate a real-time geolocation system that tracks the bike’s position with an accuracy of between 1 and 10 metres. The user can then directly find his bike or communicate its position to the police so that they can intervene as soon as possible.

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Data collection of electric bikes

Velco collects the position of the connected bike but also many key data to develop your business. Access data on user profiles (gender, age) or on bike usage (kilometres travelled, duration of use, CO2 saved vs. a car, health statistics such as calories burned…)

With the CAN connection, Velco IoT products also collect data on the bikes. For example, you can remotely know the percentage of battery remaining on a bike.

The data collection enables the development of services for end-users, more efficient after-sales service and marketing actions to build long-term customer loyalty. Data collection is carried out in compliance with RGPD and cybersecurity standards.