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Because we believe that connectivity can propel urban mobility into a new era, discover Velco's products for urban mobility actors. These are geolocation products dedicated to real-time data collection. The products locate your urban fleets thanks to the solutions created by Velco. The objective is to make fleet management more profitable and intelligent through connectivity. A box or a handlebar connected to optimize your fleet of vehicles to achieve remote management.



The universal, compact and accessible tracking system, easy to integrate on all vehicles. Ideal for collecting and exploiting data for urban mobility professionals.




State-of-the-art technology for remote data collection from your vehicles. More than a tracker, the best connectivity for your business.


Velco supports urban mobility professionals

Velco’s objective is to fight against the theft of two-wheelers in urban fleets with customized connectivity solutions for urban mobility professionals. Urban mobility with connectivity will be the city of tomorrow!

For you, urban fleet managers, the advantages are numerous: differentiation, increased margins, maintenance optimization, data to enhance your business, but also, a better knowledge of your market.

Tracking your urban vehicle fleet

Whatever the size of your vehicle fleet, our products are adapted to your needs and respond to the various problems you may encounter in managing your urban vehicle fleet.

Bicycles, scooters, scooters, Velco analyzes your needs to offer you the geolocation and security solution adapted to your fleet. A tracking system associated with GPS data to locate your urban fleet in real time.


The advantages of using Velco products for your vehicle fleet


How to secure your fleet of vehicles?

In terms of security, there are many advantages to “plan” for your fleet of vehicles:

  • GPS location
  • Real time tracking
  • Anti-theft
  • Tracking system
  • Data collection


Thanks to Velco products, fleet managers and manufacturers of two-wheelers will be able to remotely manage your vehicles. Real-time tracking and data collection allows you to instantly geo-locate your two-wheeled fleet (scooter/bike) within a radius of 1 to 10 meters.


In July 2020, Velco suffered a burglary where computer equipment was stolen. But also, a Limotec scooter which rather interested the burglars. The only drawback for them was that the scooter was equipped with a GPS tracker. Positive point for us, because it allowed us to geolocate the vehicle and to follow in real time the movements it was making until the arrival of the police.

Simplified management of your bikes and scooters

Velco’s products allow an optimized management of your fleet. The data collected thanks to the tracker, handlebars or Onitrax created a tracking system to locate your fleet in case of theft or loss. But also, to analyze the behavior of your vehicles and users who use them.

Indeed, you will analyze the number of kilometers driven on average, the indicators around maintenance as well as all the relevant information for your fleet management. You will also obtain data on your users such as gender, age, … before knowing the typology of your customers.

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Innovation in the field of geolocation technologies is constant. To continue to innovate and meet the needs of the market, we are constantly informing ourselves on these topics, do the same, and discover our latest articles that deal with the subject.

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