Velco connects Galian’s Cargotails bikes for a bold and committed mobility

Galian, the Rennes-based manufacturer of electric cargo bikes, has set itself the mission of decarbonizing daily commutes by offering a sustainable and complete alternative to the car. To market the “Formidable”, the world’s first Cargotail® – cargo bike and longtail – the Galian brand has chosen Velco as its connectivity supplier.

Galian, a company that breaks codes

Founded in 2019, Galian is above all a company fully convinced of the benefits of cycling, both for more sustainable mobility and for a strong local economy. With this in mind, the company has chosen 100% French manufacturing for its “Formidable” long tail, favoring premium production made from sustainably sourced materials.

“LE FORMIDABLE” an innovation to revolutionize mobility

“Le Formidable”, the world’s first cargotail, aims to revolutionize family mobility by substituting a car. To achieve this, the bike’s equipment has been designed for everyday performance. Its 130nm motor enables it to adapt to all types of terrain, whether mountainous or flat. Its front box, which can support up to 200kg, will accompany cyclists on all their daily commutes: to work, back from a race, family outings, etc. Shockproof and Uv-resistant, the brand also includes accessories (tarpaulins, canopy) to enable you to transport your family in complete safety.

Now available for pre-order on the brand’s website, Le Formidable already promises to delight many a family!

Galian x Velco: a Made in France partnership focused on innovation and performance

Equipped with a “Mobitrax” GPS tracker developed by Velco, Galian bikes are transformed into smartbikes, capable of collecting information and sending commands directly to the bike. The data collected is transformed into services for cyclists and the brand, via mobile and web applications from Velco’s software suite.

The Formidable is equipped with a Valeo Cyclee motor, combining performance, reliability and Made in France. This premium technical choice has facilitated the integration of Velco’s GPS trackers, thanks to the connectivity partnership between Velco and Valeo Cyclee.

Vélo galian : Le formidable
Le Formidable, a connected cargotail® bike for up to 4 people or one adult and 4 children


As a premium product, every detail counts. The Formidable was created to replace the car in everyday use. With its particularly stylish lines, it’s a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the functionalities of the Velco app, coupled with a good anti-theft device, Galian customers can move around and park their Formidable with complete peace of mind. It’s a real reassurance for our customer, and a key customer relations tool for our marketing and sales department.


Jean-Marc Lesimple, CEO of Galian

The Galian mobile application: a digital extension of the cyclist’s experience

Thanks to the connectivity, Galian has deployed its mobile application, a customized version of Velco’s white-label application, offering an enriched experience to its cyclists.

Via the mobile application, cyclists benefit from services to ensure their safety, as well as the safety and durability of the “Formidable”.

Anti-theft security for cargo bikes

When cyclists lock their bikes from the app, they receive instant notification of any suspicious movement. At the same time, an audible alarm sounds and the motor locks, putting the bike in “draisienne” mode, making it harder to move. The bike is geolocated in real time, and its position is available on the application for retrieval.

This is a key feature, because in a context where 400,000 bikes are stolen every year in France, the anti-theft device reassures cyclists with a dual solution: dissuasion and recovery.

Cargotail® maintenance support:

Taking care of the Formidable is simple, thanks to a dedicated bike maintenance area in the mobile app, featuring Galian tips, reminders and automatic alerts. Maintenance is made easy to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the rider, by reducing the risk of falls and breakdowns, and to ensure the durability of the cargo bike.

Galian, a strong digital strategy to meet cyclists’ expectations as closely as possible

Eloïse Le Calvez, Galian Marketing and Communications Manager Résponsable marketing et communication de Galian

From a marketing point of view, I also appreciate the fact that I can set up notifications for my customers to keep in regular contact with them, informing them when it’s time to go back to the repairer, and ensuring that their experience with the bike goes well.

Galian enhances the cycling experience with key services, statistics and, soon, the desire to create a committed community of cyclists. “Bikes for life”, the Formidable, the world’s first cargotail that can accommodate up to 4 children and carry a load of 200 kg, is a bold, innovative and sustainable mobility choice. These are commitments that unite Galian and Velco, both members of CYGO, the union of cycle companies in the Grand Ouest region.