Why join Velco?

  • Our work is meaningful
  • We are a dynamic company, in a dynamic market
  • We provide a healthy working environment
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Our work is meaningful

Every day, we contribute directly to sustainable development. We use digital technology to promote soft mobility by facilitating the adoption of electrically assisted bicycles.

We are a dynamic company, in a dynamic market

Velco designs and develops innovative products for a growing market, the soft mobility market, thereby contributing to meeting the expectations of citizens and the environmental challenges of communities. 

We provide a healthy working environment

We work every day to create and maintain a good working environment based on transparency, flexibility, accessible management and team spirit. For the comfort of our employees, we offer them benefits that fit their daily lives. As a result, Velco’s average quality of work life score in 2022 is 8.24 out of 10.

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Nicolas’s testimonial


By joining Velco, I was able to discover the world of bicycles and connected bikes. Its objective is to make the practice of the EAB (Electrically Assisted Bicycle) simpler, safer and more accessible, and thus to democratize soft mobility. I was able to develop the embedded software of the IoT within motivated and welded teams. I also started to ride my bike for my daily commute.


Nicolas CAYOUX, Embedded Software Developer

Charlotte’s testimonial


As a Product Manager, I am delighted to develop solutions that contribute to the development of soft mobility. The prospect of participating in the ecomobility revolution and supporting a sustainable economy gives meaning to my work. What could be more motivating than to innovate surrounded by committed, supportive and caring teams? On a personal level, Velco has allowed me to rediscover cycling and the pleasure it brings!


Charlotte DEROME, Product Manager

Lucas’ testimonial


As a young graduate, it was important for me to find a position in a company with a concrete project in which I could grow professionally and humanly. At Velco, I discovered a passionate and enthusiastic team, which is very pleasant to work with. The technical challenges that we overcome are enriching and participating in the development of soft mobility is a great source of motivation.


Lucas DE SOUZA, Junior full stack developer

Emmanuel’s testimonial


As a project manager at Velco, I work with our clients to promote soft mobility issues. In connection with bicycle and electric motor manufacturers, Velco has allowed me to discover an unknown industrial world, but which is so close to me during my daily bike rides (electric of course). The bicycle industry still offers so many opportunities to innovate, to create solutions for cyclists and all the jobs around it: what could be more motivating to find meaning in what we do, and the motivation to be at the side of those who work for ecomobility.


Emmanuel COLLET, Project manager