Velco Suite, digitalizing the electric bicycle industry

The software suite for cycle industry professionals

Beyond manufacturing premium IoT products for electric bicycles, Velco offers a digital revolution for the bicycle industry. Thanks to connectivity, the rider’s experience is enriched and processes are optimized between actors during the whole bike life cycle. Each actor can benefit from the connected bike: e-drive system manufacturer, bike maker, bike brand, fleet manager, maintenance player and cyclist.

Much more than the geolocation features of an electric bike, we believe in the digitalization of the whole industry. Saving time, optimizing costs and durability of the vehicle, customer satisfaction and loyalty, reactivity between actors of the value chain… Discover the software suite created by Velco, with and for cycle professionals. The business platforms are specifically developed to meet the needs of the bicycle market. Professionals connect their business, optimize margins and boost performance, in the short and long term.


Bike brands: innovate and differentiate with connected bikes

Smartbike offer services and enrich the mobility experience. Build loyalty and create a direct relationship with cyclists.

velco business insight

Fleet managers: manage a fleet of bikes in real time

The connected solution to optimize bike fleet management: supervise and secure bikes, obtain statistics, anticipate and smooth out maintenance operations.

eDrive system manufacturer: Boost engine performance

Collect key information on the reliability, durability of products to create new products in accordance with the uses and demand of customers.

Bike makers: simplify the assembly of connected bikes

A flexible and scalable digital tool that facilitates integration and ensures product traceability from integration to delivery.

Cyclists: get the best mobility experience

The mobile application offers key services to secure cyclists and bicycles, to obtain statistics and support for bike maintenance.