Velco Suite, the software suite to digitalise the light electric vehicle industry

Thanks to our knowledge of all the players in the cycle, e-kick scooter and electric motorbike industry that we can offer not only an enriched user experience, but also optimised processes and exchanges throughout the product life cycle: from design to manufacture, and then from marketing to sales and maintenance of the vehicle.

Much more than the geolocation functions of an electric bicycle, we believe in the digitalisation of the entire industry to meet the needs of all players: time saving, cost optimisation, increased vehicle durability, improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, better reactivity and efficiency of exchanges between players in the value chain… These challenges are met by connectivity!

Discover very soon the extent of the software suite created by Velco for urban mobility professionals. With business platforms developed specifically to meet your needs and challenges, connect your business, optimise your margins and boost your performance, in the short and long term.