Velco Rider: offer the best ride to cyclists

Velco Rider is a white label mobile app from the Velco Suite, allowing bike brands and fleet managers to offer the services of connected e-bikes to their riders. Discover the experience of the smartbike.

cycliste vélo connecté

Intuitive mobile app to offer the services of connected e-bikes to riders

White label app for bike brands and fleet managers

Continuous improvement of the features through Velco’s SaaS offer

Features of connected e-bikes with Velco Rider app

Velco Rider has been designed to meet the needs of cyclists for safety, peace of mind and comfort. The cyclist pairs their connected bike with their smartphone via the application. They sign up for a subscription that allows them to take advantage of connected services to improve their cycling experience.

Via the application, the cyclist can protect his bike against theft

  • Locking and unlocking the bike
  • Alert notifications in case of suspicious movement
  • Automatic activation of the audible alarm and cut-off of the electric assistance
  • Real-time geolocation of your bike

Maintenance monitoring for greater safety and peace of mind for the cyclist

  • Maintenance reminder notifications to ensure proper maintenance of the bike and avoid critical breakdowns
  • Personalised advice from the brand on how to maintain your bike
  • Real-time battery status information

Cyclists also benefit from comfortable and fun services to encourage them to use their bikes more frequently

  • Trip history
  • Statistics

The mobile application is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Vélo connecté application

The Velco Rider application for bicycle brands and fleet managers

The white-label application is personalised with the name, colours and codes of the brand. The bike brand or fleet manager takes its place at the heart of the experience and creates a direct link with its customers or users, with multiple benefits:

  • Boost brand image with an innovative offer
  • Create a direct link with the cyclist: notifications, messages…
  • Satisfy and retain cyclists with connected services
  • Better knowledge of cyclists and their uses
  • Propose changes to the app for cyclists with more and more services

As part of Velco’s SaaS offering, a team dedicated to the evolution of this application is continuously improving the services and functionalities, with the aim of better meeting the expectations of cyclists and brands. The bicycle brand also has a rider relationship management platform, Velco Business Insight. Fleet managers can view usage with Velco Fleet Management, a web-based platform to optimise fleet performance.