2023 June 13 News

Discover the latest innovation in the e-bike industry.  

The dynamism of the electric bicycle market has led several players to take an interest in it. In a market with a relatively homogenous offering, players in the sector are focusing on innovation to stand out from the crowd. New materials, new services or new commercial approaches, innovation makes it possible to attract cyclists while removing potential obstacles to the use of electric bikes. Discover 7 innovations that are challenging the global e-bike market.

IoT GPs tracker for ebikes

2023 January 2 News

LTE-M and IoT devices: improving ebike tracking with technology

To turn an e-bike into a smartbike, you’ll need to integrate an IoT device. This market is developing very fast, with different players using the same vocabulary to describe very different hardware propositions. There are many criteria to consider when choosing the IoT product to be integrated into the e- bikes. It is important to understand the main differences of IoT devices in order to make the right choice of technology, price, features…

2022 May 23 News

How does the connected bike allow brands to build customer loyalty?

The connected bike allows brands to create a strong relationship with cyclists. Before connectivity, this relationship could only exist between the point of sale and the cyclist. The evolution of