FUELL connects their Flluid range of electric bikes with Velco

FUELL, the futuristic e-bike brand

FUELL was born in 2019 with the mission of reinventing the pleasure of driving in the city. The brand is the result of the meeting between François-Xavier Terny (CEO) and Erik Buell (CTO), two strong figures in innovation. François-Xavier Terny as a successful entrepreneur whose signature is to move the lines in terms of design, manufacturing, sales, marketing… And Erik Buell as technical director, with his unrivalled expertise in the two-wheeler sector (founder of the Buell Motorcycle company and former engineer at Harley Davidson) which allows him to surprise with the creation of unique and avant-gardist electric bikes.

The idea is to breathe new energy into mobility and the electric bike to “offer a unique experience to new urban adventurers, using the freedom of conception, design and distribution that only electric vehicles allow.”

The brand’s first electric bike, the FUELL Flluid-1, was an immediate success with over 4000 sales worldwide. The brand announces the launch of the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 models, a new generation of powerful and stylish electric bikes with the world’s longest range of 350km and extreme performance with Valeo’s brand new high-performance 750W motor with integrated 7-speed automatic gearbox, predictive shifting and 130Nm of torque. The e-bikes and speedbikes are also equipped with Velco’s connected solution to ensure rider peace of mind, safety and entertainment.

Bicycle safety a key feature of the FUELL Flluid models

The brand offers a 4-point security system to protect e-bikes against theft with a PIN-protected display, an easy-to-remove and replace battery, a ring lock on the frame that locks the rear wheel and a GPS tracker integrated into the frame, designed and produced by Velco.

Electric bikes equipped with a GPS tracker in the frame become connected bikes, offering services to the cyclist via a mobile application. The Fuell brand mobile application is a white-label application developed by Velco, branded to secure the bikes, assist cyclists with maintenance and offer statistics and trip history to cyclists.

Thanks to the mobile application, Fuell improves the cycling experience with a complete anti-theft solution: locking and unlocking of the bike, notification of suspicious movement, audible alarm and geolocation. The brand is not only making a difference at the time of purchase, but also in the maintenance support that improves the safety of cyclists and gives them peace of mind and simplicity in their daily lives.

A sustainable digital strategy for the FUELL brand

In addition to connected services to improve the experience of cyclists, the FUELL brand is laying the foundations of a strong digital strategy. The differentiation is brought by design, quality, performance and connected services. By putting the brand back at the heart of the cycling experience, FUELL creates a strong relationship with its cyclists, to satisfy them and build loyalty. By analysing usage and user profiles, the brand can deploy targeted marketing measures and actions, and develop its future products as closely as possible to the uses and needs of cyclists. The Velco team is delighted to support the FUELL brand and its range of innovative electric bikes Flluid to reinvent urban travel with boldness and elegance.

I think that in today’s environment, connectivity is really essential. Customers expect connectivity features for high-end electric bikes. That’s why we absolutely wanted this new generation of Fluid-2 and Fluid-3 electric bikes to incorporate connectivity, so that riders can have a complete experience, knowing more about their bike than just riding it.François-Xavier Terny, Co-founder of FUELL