Two-wheeler brands: reassure, attract and retain customers through connectivity

The bicycle market, and more generally the soft mobility market, is booming, which not only offers great opportunities for players in the sector, but also imposes the need to stand out from increasingly innovative and attractive competitors. So how do you stand out? How can I make my offer more attractive to purchase and how can I build long-term customer loyalty? This is a challenge that Velco takes up for two-wheeler brands and manufacturers.

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A connected offer to respond to vehicle theft

The main obstacle to the purchase and upgrading of electric vehicles remains theft. The main obstacle to the purchase and upgrading of electric vehicles remains theft. According to INSEE, between 300,000 and 400,000 households declare having been victims of theft or attempted theft of bicycles every year in France. Easily transportable, unregistered two-wheeled vehicles are not identifiable by law enforcement agencies and are therefore very difficult to find without a geolocation system.

Offering a high-performance, stylish and comfortable product is no longer enough: users must be assured of the safety of their bicycles, scooters or two-wheelers. The anti-theft device is no longer an option or a sideline, it becomes the condition and criterion of choice. Don’t minimize the impact that a good anti-theft device can have on your sales and on the ability to retain your customers afterwards.

Which device connected to respond to the theft of two-wheelers?

Velco offers a complete offer in several stages: from deterrence to the return of the vehicle. Here is an example of a bicycle theft deterrent. After purchasing a bicycle, your customer takes out a subscription to this anti-theft device and therefore has access to various services, via a dedicated application or emails in the manufacturer’s colors. During a theft, the first notification received will be the one alerting of a “detected suspicious movement”, i.e. the notification to the owner that a third party is manipulating the vehicle. The owner can then choose to activate the audible alarm built into the connected handlebars (option available with the Nuotrax connected tracker). A 102 decibel sound will be heard for one minute to deter the thief from continuing. If the owner was unable to get to the scene before the bike was stolen, he or she can track the bike’s position in real time to within 10 meters. In order to slow down the progress of the bike and the thief’s interest in the bike, the owner can decide, with one click, to disable the vehicle’s electric assistance.

The device is very intuitive for users who are reassured and supported in case of an incident. This is a real argument for reinsurance on medium or top-of-the-range vehicles, which represents a significant cost at the time of purchase for the customer, who will never be fully reassured by insurance companies with deliberately vague conditions of coverage.

A connected offer to enhance the experience

Beyond the service provided for the protection of the vehicle, the user will also be able, with his connected vehicle, to obtain information and statistics on his vehicle and its use. In addition to city dwellers’ appetite for gadgets and connected objects, they can obtain key information on the state of their vehicle, its autonomy in real time, its usage statistics (last use but also cumulative: kilometers traveled, average speed, etc.), health statistics (number of calories burned) or environmental statistics (number of g of CO2 saved). At a glance on his application, the user enjoys data collected by his connected vehicle, to extend the experience and encourage him to use it even more.

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A connected offer to create a long-lasting link

Once the customer is reassured and seduced by the offer of the connected vehicle, you can also work on the long-term relationship. Indeed, with a more responsive and efficient after-sales service, you will continue to score loyalty points with your customers. Thanks to the information collected by the connected vehicles that you will be able to consult at a glance from a personalized platform co-built together according to your needs, you will have key information to offer personalized maintenance services. For example, beyond a mileage travelled, you will be able to send a notification to your customer, encouraging him to come to you for a service check-up. You will also be able to push targeted promotional offers (subject to the customer’s agreement – RGPD) based on usage and statistics, to enhance the customer’s experience over the long term.

Make a real difference with a connected vehicle that will perfectly meet the security, service and support needs of your customers. The device proposed by Velco has been adopted in particular by Reine Bike, for its connected Reine Bike bike, offering the complete device. To find out more about the customized solutions offered by Velco, do not hesitate to contact us.