Sustainable mobility: our commitments to promote cycling

“Transforming mobility for sustainable development” is Velco’s mission. While the bicycle industry has not yet reached its full potential, we are working with stakeholders to encourage the use of bicycles everywhere and by everyone. To do so, we increase the attractiveness of electric bikes through connectivity.

Increase the attractiveness of the EAB with the connected bike to encourage cycling

Connectivity allows an electric bike to become a Smartbike. Just like the Smartphone, many services will result from the collection and use of data collected on the bike during trips. These digital services will address the barriers to the purchase and use of bicycles, and thus help increase the modal share of cycling.

Safety of cyclists

The data collection will allow to identify the most used areas or the most accident-prone areas of a city. Thanks to this information, bicycle infrastructures can be rethought and improved (bicycle lanes, bicycle parking, etc.), in order to optimize the safety of cyclists and encourage bicycle travel.

Connected technology is making it possible to go even further in personal safety. Connected bikes are equipped devices, allowing for improved safety features for cyclists.

Safety of electric bikes

The connected bike is a difficult bike to steal. Indeed, thanks to our technology, Velco’s connected bikes have a complete device from deterrence to return of the bikes. The detection and notification of a suspicious movement will alert the cyclist that his bike is likely to be stolen, he can then trigger a remote alarm to deter the thief. If the bike is still stolen, the cyclist or the professional can remotely turn off the electric assistance and geolocate the bike in real time, within a 10 meters radius.

Such a system makes it possible to remove the obstacle to buying and upgrading a bicycle due to theft, given that 66% of cyclists use their bicycles less and 25% abandon them after a theft.

The connected bike experience to attract more cyclists

Thanks to the connected bike, the cyclist can travel in a safe, fun and comfortable way. Via a mobile application, the cyclist benefits from services that will improve their mobility experience, to better convert new cyclists and increase their frequency of use.

Understanding mobility behaviors to better change them

Knowing how cyclists use bicycles allows us to identify habits and profiles and to establish an action plan to raise awareness of bicycle use. By analyzing the segments (gender, age, social class, etc.) that use bicycles, it is possible to identify the actions that need to be taken to promote the development of cycling. By analyzing and cross-referencing different metrics (flows, schedules, etc.), we can identify the needs and expectations of cyclists in order to provide them with concrete solutions and the right message and the right models.

Supporting cycle professionals to develop their performance

To promote the development of the cycle, companies and players in the sector must be efficient, relevant and effective. Our vision is not only focused on the end-user, but aims to digitalize the whole industry in order to reduce costs, optimize processes and improve profitability, and boost the innovation of cycling organizations to convince and retain cyclists.