IOT Solution for fleet managers

The solution for managers of electric bicycle fleets who wish to develop their business: company bicycle fleet service, self-service or long-term rental, tourist rental, etc. Geolocate your bicycle fleet in real time, obtain key data to know the use of your bicycles, secure them, facilitate their maintenance, manage flows and enhance the value of your bicycle fleet in an urban environment.

Facilitate piloting and secure bicycles against theft

Improve the user experience with digital services

Optimise maintenance
and ensure the availability of your bicycles


Integration of an IoT product to connect electric bikes


Fleet Management Platform (or API) to exploit the data you need


Mobile application with your brand colors for your riders

01. Choose the right IoT device for your e-bikes

Velco’s IoT devices allow you to have a global view of your fleet and to collect key data for your business performance. In the form of a universal box or a bicycle handlebar, discover in detail the features of the Mobitrax and Nuotrax IoT products

NUOTRAX guidon connecté

02. Velco Fleet Management: your fleet management tool for e-bikes

Our real-time geolocation system allows you to monitor your entire fleet of bicycles, wherever they are, and enables you to facilitate the mobility of your users and guarantee the reactivity of your teams in the event of customer problems.

Facilitate real-time fleet management

  • Bicycles: position, % of vehicle battery, status (parked, on the move)…
  • Users: nationality, gender, age (in compliance with the RGPD)
  • Usage: heat maps, average distance travelled, speed, km travelled, euros and CO2 saved compared to a car…

Securing the electric bicycle fleet against theft

  • Geolocation: position of the bikes in real time
  • Alarm in case of suspicious movement
  • Switching off the electric assistance remotely

Optimise the maintenance of electric bicycles

  • Real-time preventive and corrective maintenance data
  • Anticipation and smoothing of maintenance operations
  • Reduction of costs and bike downtime

03. The mobile app to offer the services of the smartbike to your riders

The rider buys a subscription and benefits from services to enhance their cycling experience:

  • Notifications of suspicious movements
  • Remote alarm triggering
  • Real time bike geolocation
  • Switching off the electric assistance remotely
  •  Real time information: batterie autonomy, position
  • Trip statistics : km traveled, average speed
  • Maintenance : service notifications

The app allows you to create a direct link with your riders to put the brand back at the heart of the experience and build customer loyalty.

What needs do our connected solution meet?  

  • Provide employees with a better cycling experience through connectivity  
  • Secure your fleet’s bikes with an anti-theft device  
  • Real-time geolocation in case of theft or loss  
  • Optimization of bicycle maintenance  
  • Enhance the CSR approach of companies with fleet statistics  
  • Guarantee to employees the confidentiality. of their data 

  • Real-time monitoring of the fleet (status of the bicycles, charge level, kilometres travelled, etc.
  • Optimization of maintenance operations: cost reduction, smoothing of actions and better availability of bikes 
  • Complete anti-theft device: motion detection, alarm, remote assistance cut-off, geolocation 
  • Cyclist safety: fall detection 

  • Increase the number of users with a connected service  
  • Real-time fleet management: information, statistics, performance analysis  
  • Reduce replacement rates: anti-theft and anti-loss devices  
  • Real-time bike geolocation, geofencing  
  • Anticipation and optimization of maintenance: cost, unavailability rate 

Technology for sustainable mobility

Players in the urban mobility market have a responsibility and must respond to the challenges of sustainable mobility, for safe and environmentally friendly travel. Velco puts technology at the service of sustainable development through connectivity, which increases the attractiveness of cycling through data. Our connected fleet management projects transform data into services for users and fleet managers, to convince the mass adoption of soft mobility.

Johnny Smith


Velco advises you and accompanies you from the definition of your needs to the delivery and training of the solution.

You have questions or want to test the solution in real conditions or directly on your bikes?

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