Velco Assembly Assist: integrate connectivity on e-bikes

The solution for bike makers who want to innovate and gain a competitive advantage from connectivity! Build the bike of tomorrow with Velco Assembly assist and optimize the integration of IoT products on the assembly line. Bring innovation to your customers! Designed for and with bike makers, Velco Assembly Assist facilitates the implementation of IoT product.


Create e-bikes that meet your customers’ expectations

Optimise the integration of IoT products

Outperform your competitors by integrating connectivity

Bike makers, seduce brands with connected e-bikes

As an assembler, you have a key role in bringing and supporting bicycle innovation. You respond to the demand of brands to create the bikes of the future and accompany them towards connectivity with a turnkey solution.

The connected bike is the new industry standard, offering a better cycling experience with services to ensure rider safety and fight against bike theft. Connected e-bike allow brands to differentiate themselves and modernise their image to attract new cyclists. Thanks to connectivity, the brand knows the behaviour of users to better develop loyalty and innovate. Via the mobile application at the heart of the connected bike experience, the brand can create a relationship with the cyclist, profitable in the short and long term.

To connect e-bikes, brands will integrate an IoT product (a product allowing the sending and receiving of data). Velco’s IoT products have been designed for easy integration, with a connected bike handlebar or a connected box designed for assembly.

Velco Assembly Assist: integration tool to assemble connected e-bikes

Velco assembly assist - intégration vélo connecté

Velco Assembly Assist was created for and with assemblers considering the assembly line’s constraints. Intuitive, flexible, and scalable, the digital platform from the Velco software suite, allows to follow the entire production in real-time, and facilitates the pairing and testing of IoT products to connect the bikes, with traceability of all operations.

  • Pairing the connected product
  • Testing of paired products
  • Traceability of the connected electric bikes
  • Data exchange between the solution and the ERP