IoT GPs tracker for ebikes

2022 September 1 News

How to read the offer of IoT devices or GPS trackers for e-bikes

To turn an e-bike into a smartbike, you’ll need to integrate an IoT device. This market is developing very fast, with different players using the same vocabulary to describe very different hardware propositions. There are many criteria to consider when choosing the IoT product to be integrated into the e- bikes. It is important to understand the main differences of IoT devices in order to make the right choice of technology, price, features…

2022 June 1 News

Connected bike and smart maintenance: towards the cycle industry 4.0 model.

The bicycle’s electrification makes maintenance an indispensable guarantee for the cyclist to ensure the durability of his electric bicycle. Connectivity will simplify, accelerate and optimize all maintenance operations, from curative

2022 May 23 News

How does the connected bike allow brands to build customer loyalty?

The connected bike allows brands to create a strong relationship with cyclists. Before connectivity, this relationship could only exist between the point of sale and the cyclist. The evolution of

smartbike vélo connecté

2022 March 25 News

Why is the smartbike (or connected e-bike) the new standard in urban mobility?

Thanks to connectivity, and relying on the rapid growth of the market, the electric bicycle is reinventing itself to allow a booming practice to become sustainable.

2022 March 24 News

The connected bike to fight theft

Bicycle theft is one of the main obstacles to purchasing and upgrading bicycles, and one of the main reasons for giving up cycling. 80% of European cyclists say they are worried about bicycle theft.

connected ebike for brands

2022 March 1 News

4 misconceptions about the connected bike or smartbike

The functionalities of the connected e-bike are often misunderstood. Here are 4 preconceived ideas that persist in the imagination around the smartbike, that need to be deconstructed to understand the

2022 February 18 News

Cycling safety: helmet use in European countries

Helmets are an important element of safety and protection for cyclists. While there is general agreement on the need to wear a helmet when cycling, the subject is divided when it comes to the question of whether it is compulsory.

2022 January 27 News

Long-term rental of bicycles: the success of these systems is unquestionable in encouraging the use of bicycles!

long-term leasing is a real compromise between using self-service bicycles and buying a personal bicycle. Constantly gaining new adepts, it seems to have a bright future ahead of it. Offered

2022 January 15 News

CES 2022 confirms the boom of the bicycle market to the U.S.

A look back at CES 2022, which marked a major change with, for the first time, a space dedicated to micro-mobility. Good news for the bicycle industry, which is growing worldwide: bicycles are also growing in the United States!

2021 October 14 News

Ready for the electric cargo bike explosion?

The dynamics of the electric bicycle are no longer a secret. Within the market, several categories stand out, notably that of electric cargo bikes. Opportunities, projections, leaders, brakes… Discover the full potential of the electric cargo bike segment.

2021 October 5 News

Legislation and speed of electric bicycles in the city: what developments?

How can we increase the potential of electric two-wheelers? The debate is open on regulations and in particular the speed limit, which could boost the use of light electric vehicles by the majority of people.

2021 September 28 News

Increasing demand and supply problems: the bicycle market is under great pressure

Demand has passed the offer on the bike industry, which is currently facing supply problems. A situation that could slow down the boom of the field.

2021 September 25 Velco Team

Meet Damien, IT Manager at Velco

Meet Damien, passionate about his job as an IT Manager and the field of connectivity.

2021 September 23 News

Speed bike, the fast and powerful ebike

Also called speedelec or fast electric bike, the speed bike is an electric bike equipped with a pedaling assistance allowing it to reach 45km/h. It thus exceeds the capacities offered by the classic electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) which has a maximum speed of 25km/h with the first advantage of being able to extend the distances covered.

2021 September 17 News

Feedback on the 29th edition of Eurobike

It will have escaped no one’s notice that this 29th edition of Europe’s largest meeting place for cycle professionals was very special. Although the companies that came to the show enjoyed returning to this incredible show after a year’s absence due to the covid, half of the exhibitors were absent.

2021 August 5 News

The 29th edition of Eurobike: from 1st to 4th September 2021!

Eurobike is THE bicycle trade show!

The return of face-to-face trade shows allows Velco to meet the mobility players of tomorrow and to discuss new projects in order to better position itself on the European market.

With exhibitors coming from all over the world, the Friedrichshafen show in Germany brings together more and more bicycle professionals.

2021 May 24 News

One year after the 1st confinement: How has covid catalized the new urban mobility?

The measures taken over the past year to fight the virus have led to a change in the way city dwellers travel. Their needs, and their use, have rapidly changed.

2021 May 5 News

Autonomy: The international exhibition of sustainable mobility solutions

A year 2020 transformed by a new mobility. A year 2021 improved by mobility solutions. Autonomy and Velco propose you to create together the urban mobility of tomorrow.

2021 January 25 News

A National and European recognition for Velco

Velco receives prestigious awards that reinforce the daily efforts of the entire team to innovate and take risks in order to meet the changing challenges of urban mobility.

2021 January 12 News

URBAN MOBILITY: The important events for professionals in France and Europe in 2023

Overview of professional events in the cycle and mobility industry in France and Europe in 2021.

2021 January 6 News

Wink Bar, the story of Velco’s connected handlebar

First product developed by Velco, Wink Bar the connected handlebar made a remarkable entry into the cycle market. In spite of its strong potential, this major innovation did not find the place the company had hoped for, so it adapted with a new strategy: to capitalize on its tracking skills with new products and an extended business software suite to support urban mobility professionals.

2021 January 1 News

Velco Team wishes you a Happy New Year!

Fabricants et assembleurs, marques, collectivités, opérateurs de mobilité, usagers…
L’équipe Velco vous souhaite à tous une très belle année 2021 !

2020 November 20 News

The future of urban mobility

MaaS, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, connectivity… New trends are set to emerge and transform mobility in depth to meet the demographic and environmental challenges of tomorrow’s cities.

2020 November 12 News

Two-wheeler brands: reassure, attract and retain customers through connectivity

Manufacturers of bicycles, scooters, or motorcycles, make the difference with secure connected vehicles to offer innovative services and build long-term customer loyalty.

2020 November 3 News

Electric vehicles: focus on some surprising innovations

From the Ono electric cargo bike through the WalkCar to the Ryno bike, discover the new and unusual electric vehicles that are about to make their appearance!