Smart City

2023 April 28 News

V2X technology for bicycle safety and comfort

Even though the electric bike market is growing fast, the feeling of insecurity prevents some people from taking the plunge. But what if technology could make it possible to improve the safety of cyclists, and more generally of all users? This is what “V2X” or “vehicle to everything” technology is all about.

2023 January 3 Smart City

The connected bike as an anti-theft solution

Bicycle theft is one of the main obstacles to purchasing and upgrading bicycles, and one of the main reasons for giving up cycling. 80% of European cyclists say they are worried about bicycle theft.

2023 January 2 News

MaaS: revolution and stakes

The climate crisis and the development of cities place mobility in the face of new challenges, where innovation must be centred on the user and his expectations. MaaS (Mobility as

smartbike vélo connecté

2022 March 25 News

Why is the smartbike (or connected e-bike) the new standard in urban mobility?

Thanks to connectivity, and relying on the rapid growth of the market, the electric bicycle is reinventing itself to allow a booming practice to become sustainable.

2021 May 31 Smart City

Getting around the city with urban mobility

Mobility is at the heart of many issues today. But in the city, one question arises: how to get around easily, quickly and with a limited carbon footprint?

2021 May 24 News

One year after the 1st confinement: How has covid catalized the new urban mobility?

The measures taken over the past year to fight the virus have led to a change in the way city dwellers travel. Their needs, and their use, have rapidly changed.

2021 March 17 Smart City

EDPM: How can professionals convince more people?

11% of French people are regular users of MPVs (22% have already used them). Faced with the expansion of new mobility solutions, the authorities have decided to give a name and define a regulation around these vehicles.

2021 March 10 Smart City

Folding bike: the promising future of this atypical bike

The folding bike is currently a real star. In 2020, folding bikes were the favorite of cyclists with an increase in sales of over 12% according to LeParisien. This is the second highest increase after electric bikes.

2020 November 20 News

The future of urban mobility

MaaS, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, connectivity… New trends are set to emerge and transform mobility in depth to meet the demographic and environmental challenges of tomorrow’s cities.

Maas mobilité connecté en ville

2020 September 28 News

3 European cities with a successful MaaS service for intelligent and multi-modal mobility

Europe aims to foster clean, connected and competitive mobility for its citizens. The transition to digital and innovation marks a turning point for mobility, in which MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is a central and essential element. Looking back on 3 European success stories of MaaS devices to promote connected, intelligent and green mobility.

2020 August 24 News

Smart City and Mobility: trends and innovations

Many cities are in the process of transitioning to the Smart City and have therefore implemented solutions to improve the urban mobility offer for city dwellers. The advent of MaaS, the growth of soft mobility and innovations, a look back at advances in Smart Mobility.

2020 July 15 News

TOP 5 innovations by UX design in cities

The UX Urban Design approach aims to consider the urban experience from a user-centred, multi-site and relational perspective. It thus considers the experience of the territory as a continuum of

clients velco

2020 March 5 News

Urban mobility: how to build your digital interfaces (UX/UI)

Urban mobility is constantly changing, with increasingly high expectations from the end-user perspective. Websites, applications, online services, digital platforms are multiplying and have the challenge of offering a fluid and successful user experience. Feedback on the user experience and its understanding within Velco.