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Velco was founded by Pierre Régnier (President), Johnny Smith (CMO) and Romain Savouré (CTO) in 2016. The headquarters is in Nantes and the company now has nearly 40 talents in France, the Netherlands and Germany.

  • Velco’s mission is to transform urban mobility for sustainable development. We promote sustainable transportation through connectivity.
  • Velco provides connected solutions for electric bikes. Through connectivity, we enhance the end-user mobility experience and increase the performance and margins of mobility professionals (bike manufacturers and fleet managers.)
  • The ambition is to become the leader in connected mobility in Europe by 2024.

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July 2023 – Velco becomes IoT partner of Shimano


press kit – velco


“The hyper-urbanization of cities is forcing us to change our mobility habits.”

75% of the world’s population in urban areas by 2050. 50% of trips are less than 5 kilometers long.

In order to respond to societal and environmental challenges, the transformation of mobility is a key issue. Bicycles are one of the most effective responses to the need to relieve congestion in cities and move away from the individual car model, which has dramatic consequences for air and noise pollution. In order to democratize the use of bicycles for all urban trips, it is necessary to increase the attractiveness of electrically assisted bicycles in order to convince people and change their habits. The brakes on the development of cycling are linked to the safety of cyclists and bicycles. Thanks to connectivity, the electric bike is becoming a smartbike, meeting the need for safety and corresponding to the connected lifestyle of city dwellers.

In order to deeply transform mobility and encourage cycling, Velco offers digital solutions for all the actors of the bicycle industry: motorist, assembler, manufacturers and brands, fleet managers, maintainer and end user. This global approach allows us to increase the attractiveness of cycling at all levels, whether it is to increase the performance of cycle companies or to improve the mobility experience of cyclists.

Innovations to transform the electric bike into a connected bike

Velco has developed its own tracking technology for electric bicycles and is working on miniaturizing it to integrate radio frequency technologies at lower cost. This miniaturization and Velco’s technological mastery of radio frequency topics now allow it to successfully implement the technology in the motors or controllers of EABs. The design of our IoT products has propelled Velco to become an expert in data, geolocation and related innovative services.

4 international technology patents protect Velco’s electric bicycle innovations, which have won numerous awards and prizes in international innovation competitions. Tracking technology continues to evolve to meet the needs of all mobility stakeholders, with a range of services developed and enhanced every day by our team of experts.

Our team

The combination of complementary skills, profiles and cultures allows us to achieve ambitious goals. To meet the demands of the cycle market, the team currently has more than 40 talents and continues to grow in key positions, in France and internationally.