Velco gains a foothold in Germany with Muli Cycles

Velco's first German e-bike partner is Cologne-based cargo bike manufacturer, muli cycles

Smart products from Velco, the French pioneer of the connected e-bike, are now being installed in muli cycles’ compact cargo bikes. By using the Shimano EP6 cargo motor, the Gates belt drive and the Velco applications, the muli Motor st pro cargo bike model is turned into a real smart bike.

Connected services are offered through the muli Rider mobile app, a customised version of the Velco Rider white label app which connects the smartphone directly to the motor unit. On the one hand, this offers the user increased theft protection – recognising suspicious movements, triggering an alarm, switching off the motor at the touch of a button and determining the bike’s location using GPS tracking – and, additionally, maintenance instructions can now be given and statistics on journeys can be collected and analysed. Velco places particular emphasis on compliance with European data protection guidelines when developing the software.

Muli cycle Motor ST cargo bike

Cargo bike manufacturer muli cycles is well-known for its German-based sustainable production chain. Even the frames are produced at their headquarters in Cologne.

“Velco’s IoT products are highly innovative and are the technical leaders when it comes to connecting Shimano motors. We can therefore offer our users an attractive overall package of a connected bike. With Velco, we also have the right partner to continuously work on new features and offer future-proof and innovative products.” Felix Schön, Head of Marketing at muli cycles.

By working with muli cycles, Velco is strengthening its presence in both the German- and international markets.

“As an official IoT partner of Shimano for their EP6 and EP8 motors, the innovative compact cargo bikes from muli are the perfect playing field for us. We are confident that other brands will follow muli’s example in the future and will reinvent cycling through both design and services.” states Estelle Monnet, Communication Manager at Velco.

muli cycle, a smart, innovative and sustainable cargo bike brand

Combining the performance of Shimano’s EP6 with connectivity and innovative bike design, muli’s Motor St pro cargo bike has it all.
It has to be said that this brand has hit the nail on the head with its folding basket, which meets all the flexibility needs of families and professionals alike. In a matter of seconds, the bike adapts to your loading, storage and parking needs…

The brand has strong commitments in terms of sustainability: “We think muli holistically. We not only want to create products for environmentally and people-friendly mobility in our cities – but also produce them under transparent and fair conditions.”

At last, a powerful, compact freighter to make everyday life easier. What’s more? We love the brand’s trendy codes and pop colors, as well as the super-cool team.

In short, remember this name and keep your eyes wide open, because muli will undoubtedly become a love brand in the hearts of cyclists. The Velco team is thrilled to collaborate with muli cycle.

Muli cycle Motor St pro cargo bike - foldable basket