Creating value
for the e-bike industry
with IoT solutions

Elevate cycling with connected e-bikes

Through connectivity, Velco is helping brands to increase the attractiveness of e-bikes and put more people on bikes. In order to meet the needs of urban mobility, connected mobility is a challenge for all players: e-Drive system manufacturers, bike makers, brands, retailers, fleet managers and maintenance players. Velco is digitising the entire value chain by connecting electric bikes. The connected bike collects data and transforms it into high value-added services. Safety, anti-theft devices, geolocation, maintenance, statistics... The connected e-bike propels cycling professionals into a new era to optimise their performance and offer the best mobility experience to cyclists.

Discover the connected bike experience

Connectivity is the next move to boost your e-bike brand

IoT solution for brands to create smartbikes

Innovate with connected services to offer a premium experience to cyclists, boost your sales and brand value.


IoT solution for the management of electric bicycle fleets

Connect your fleet to monitor it in real time, secure the bikes, anticipate and optimise maintenance operations and get statistics.



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