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Connected e-bike: the best riding experience

Velco is developing the use of e-bikes by increasing their attractiveness through connectivity. In order to meet the needs of urban mobility, connected mobility is a challenge for all players: e-Drive system manufacturers, bike makers, brands, retailers, fleet managers and maintenance players. Velco is digitising the entire value chain by connecting electric bikes. The connected bike collects data and transforms it into high value-added services. Safety, anti-theft devices, geolocation, maintenance, statistics... The connected e-bike propels cycling professionals into a new era to optimise their performance and offer the best mobility experience to riders.

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IoT solution for brands to create smartbikes

Differentiate your offer with the connected e-bike! Offer services to attract and create a strong relationship with your riders.


IoT solution for the management of electric bicycle fleets

Connect your fleet to monitor it in real time, secure the bikes, anticipate and optimise maintenance operations and get statistics.



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Cargo bikes, speed bikes, mountain bikes: for every bike a connectivity application!

In harmony with our increasingly digitalized lifestyles, the promise is to offer all cyclists a safe and entertaining experience. To achieve this, the connected electric bike integrates an IoT, enabling it to communicate with its environment. It thus becomes a smartbike, capable of receiving and transmitting data in real time. Once processed, this data is transformed into services using software dedicated to brands and cyclists.

Depending on the type of bike (city bike, mountain bike, cargo bike, etc.), the data collected will have a different use and scope for both the cyclist and the bike brand.

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Bike brands: how can you promote your sustainable engagement?

The world and consumer habits are changing fast. In the face of ecological urgency, more and more consumers want to align their commitments with their consumption choices. Indeed, 52% of European consumers consider it important that the products they use are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Discover the trends for the future of electric bikes

Faced with the urgent need to protect the climate and the current economic situation, the current climate is favoring the development of bicycles, and electric bikes in particular. Less polluting than a car and more attractive for everyday use than a traditional bicycle, the electric bike is gaining more and more ground in our cities. In this dynamic, the various stakeholders, including brands, associations and governments, are getting organized to support and amplify the impact of electric bikes. 

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