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Since its creation, Velco has been promoting the use of light electric vehicles in urban areas (bicycles, scooters, scooters, motorbikes, etc.) in order to transform mobility for sustainable development. Connected mobility is a challenge for all players: users of new mobility, distributors, maintainers, brands, operators and manufacturers. Velco digitises the entire value chain by connecting electric bikes and other vehicles. Brands and fleet managers collect and exploit key data to produce high value-added services for their customers and develop their business models.

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Our solutions to boost your activity

fleet management connectivity solution

LEV rental: Data driven fleet management

Collecting data to control, maintain and quantify the performance of fleets of light electric vehicles.

connected solution for two-wheeler

LEV sales: the innovation of connected two-wheelers

Offer services to meet customer needs, differentiate and develop marketing actions.

Connected Products

Our IoT catalogue for easy and accompanied integration on all electric bikes, scooters and scooters


Our references

We support urban mobility professionals in their connectivity projects.
Discover projects carried out in partnership with our customers.

The connected innovation

Christophe Yvars - Gorille Cycles

We use Wink Bar with the Velco OEM solution. In this way we offer our customers the connected innovation, the peace of mind of a tracker and the safety of navigation adapted to bicycle trips. In short, a lot of features added to our bike with the only Wink Bar option!

The choice of Velco connected handlebars for our Senior bikes

Nicolas Salmon - Nielsen Concept

At Nielsen Concept, our aim is to enable 100% of the population to use the bicycle as a means of daily transportation. This is why we provide mobility solutions ranging from children’s bike buses to senior bikes and cargo bikes. For our Senior bikes, we have chosen to equip them with Velco-connected handlebars. These handlebars provide a real additional service to the users thanks to the GPS function, the possibility to program adapted tours, and also to send a signal in case of a fall.

Vélo 17 has chosen Velco Tour

Bernard Pontoizeau - Vélo 17 Loisir

From the very first try, we were seduced by the application. Four circuits discovered by the cycle tracks of the Ile d’Oléron have been integrated. Customer feedback has been very positive!

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