Fleet management

2023 June 13 Fleet management

What is geofencing and how does it work?  

In an evolving world of interconnected devices and hyper-personalized experiences, geofencing has emerged as a game-changing technology. By providing a real-time bridge between the physical and digital realms, geofencing has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals engage with their environment. By harnessing the power of location-based services and boundary detection, geofencing opens up a world of possibilities for targeted marketing, enhanced security and seamless automation for the mobility industry.  

2022 May 3 Fleet management

Velco x Veligo: the largest fleet of connected e-bikes for long-term rental

Véligo Location is the world’s largest fleet of electric bicycles for long-term rental. This fleet of bicycles is connected, to facilitate piloting and optimise maintenance and performance.

mobilité connectée deux roues

2021 January 18 Fleet management

Shared micro-mobility: the marked gap between men’s and women’s behaviours

The figures communicated by the operators of shared mobility, in particular self-service bicycles and scooters, are indisputable: women represent only one third of the users of shared vehicles. How can this difference in use between men and women in the shared micro-mobility market be explained?

2020 December 28 Fleet management

In what way is the electric bicycle long-term rental a future-oriented solution?

Bicycles for long-term rental or leasing of electric bicycles are in full expansion. A system that encourages the transition towards the democratization of electric bicycles for all city dwellers, while enabling the city to be modern, attractive, green and committed to the Smart City transformation that residents are so eagerly awaiting. Features, advantages, weak points, return on the rental of electric bicycles for long-term contracts, a real system for the future of cities.

2020 May 11 Fleet management

Free-floating in France : figures, stakes and opportunities

Free-floating was born in China, thanks to the company Ofo, a bicycle-sharing specialist, which will deploy a first system in 2014. In recent years, free-floating has made its appearance in