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Velco OEM helps two-wheeler manufacturers turn connectivity into a competitive advantage. Respond to user demand and more, anticipate their demand with product and service innovations to make a difference. Data will enable you to make the right decisions for your current and future business. Manufacturers, enter the era of connectivity!

Benefits of Velco OEM

Differentiate and enhance the user experience

safety system

Solve worldwide theft issues

manage fleet

Market knowledge to adapt your offer

Develop operational marketing actions

What does Velco OEM include ?

  1. A web or mobile application for users, with your brand colors
  2. The Dashboard to improve your after-sales service by having a vision on your products and their use
  3. A connected product integrated to your vehicles to better know and respond to your customers’ needs

1. Improved user experience

The Velco OEM solution allows you to offer an enhanced experience for the end user who will have tools to locate his vehicle, know his statistics… In the form of web, mobile or email applications, Velco offers a digital ecosystem under the colors of your brand to strengthen the link with your customers and bring them key services for a complete, intuitive and secure experience.

Make a difference to the end consumer by removing the disincentives to purchase and upgrade with an anti-theft solution.


2. Data at the heart of your offer with Dashboard

The data collected allows you to analyze and develop your products (performance, reliability, innovation…) but also to expand your commercial offer with a tactical approach to increase your sales (relational marketing, up-selling, maintenance and after-sales service, personalization…)

  • Collect information on users (gender, age) to better adapt your offer and your marketing approach.
  • Collect information on vehicles and usage (battery, kilometers traveled, duration of use…) to feed your research and development thinking for the design of your next products.
  • The data will also allow you to create notifications (for example when the bike reaches 500 kilometers) to trigger a commercial offer (maintenance, up sell, revision…)

All data is centralized on a secure and personalized platform, bringing up the data you choose to use on vehicles, users and journeys.

3. The choice of the connected product for your vehicles

ONITRAX universal GPs tracking
NUOTRAX connected bike handlebar
winkbar connected handlebar

Each manufacturer creates unique vehicles that reflect their expertise and vision of mobility. Velco’s connected products allow you to combine performance, integration and tracking to better know your customers and offer them key services. Whether it’s a universal box or a bike handlebar, discover in detail the features of Onitrax and Nuotrax trackers and choose the one that will best meet your needs and those of your end customers.

The connected innovation

Christophe Yvars – Gorille Cycles

We use Wink Bar with the Velco OEM solution. In this way we offer our customers the connected innovation, the peace of mind of a tracker and the safety of navigation adapted to bicycle trips. In short, a lot of features added to our bike with the only Wink Bar option!

Velco supports

Velco supports you

The Velco team is committed to supporting and satisfying its customers. We support you in the deployment and management of the Velco OEM solution:

  • NEED: to support you in the formulation, to advise you in the precise definition of the project
  • HARDWARE: product customization with functionality, design and manufacturing
  • SOFTWARE: the creation of personalised services from design to development for your professional platforms and for your end users.
  • DELIVERY AND FOLLOW-UP: training, product installation, maintenance and after-sales service.