Connected solution for e-bike brands

Velco is helping OEMs, e-bike brands and manufacturers turn connectivity into a competitive advantage. Innovate with the connected e-bike to improve the cycling experience, boost sales & margins and develop new business models. Beyond a complete solution against bike theft, data will allow you to ease maintenance operations, measure your impact and take the right decisions for the management of your business.

Improve cycling experience

Solve e-bike theft issues

Outpace competitors with innovative services


Integration of an IoT device to connect electric bikes


Mobile application for cyclists, with your brand colors


Cyclist management tool to improve customer service, create a link with cyclists and adapt your product offer to their uses

01. The integration of the IoT tracker in electric bikes

Each manufacturer creates unique bikes, bearing the mark of their expertise. Velco IoT products allow you to combine performance, integration and tracking in order to better know your customers and to offer them adapted services. Whether it’s a universal box or a bike handlebar, discover in details the particularities of our IoT products for electric bikes.

NUOTRAX guidon connecté

02. Mobile application to offer connected bike services to riders

Velco Rider: the intuitive white label mobile app for your customers

The application allows you to create a direct link with your cyclists in order to put the brand back at the heart of the experience and build customer loyalty. The rider signs up for a subscription and benefits from services to improve his cycling experience:

  • Locking/unlocking the bike
  • Suspicious movement notifications
  • Automatic Sound alarm
  • Remote Power shutdown
  • Real-time bike geolocation
  • Maintenance advices, notifications and reminders
  • Real-time information: battery life, position…
  • Statistics: km traveled, average speed…
  • Trip History

03. Velco Business Insight, the connected platform for e-bike brands

CRM tool for bike brands: create a relationship with your riders!

  • Bike data, theft and maintenance information
  • Management of subscriptions to connected services
  • Automated notifications to create a link with your cyclists (maintenance, additional sales, challenges…)
  • Information on cyclists (gender, age) and their usage for better tactical marketing actions (relationship marketing, upselling, after-sales service…)
  • Data on your bicycles and their uses (battery, kilometers traveled, duration of use…) to feed your product development thinking (performance, reliability, innovation)
Johnny Smith


Velco advises you and accompanies you from the definition of your needs to the delivery and training of the solution.

You have questions or want to test the solution in real conditions or directly on your bikes?

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