Panot x Velco: A strategic and connected partnership to develop cycling in Spain   

Barcelona, Spain – June 2024

After signing its first clients in Germany and the US, Velco continues its international expansion with the signature of a new partnership with Panot, a visionary e-bike rental company based in Barcelona. 

Panot : Connectivity to boost the appeal of long-term e-bike rentals 

Founded by two visionaries who share a deep conviction in the decarbonization of cities through electric bikes, Panot stands out for its commitment to making e-bikes accessible and attractive. Based in Barcelona, a city with a mild climate and topography ideal for micro mobility, Panot offers an innovative model for long-term rental of electric bicycles, providing urban cyclists with a practical, ecological and economical way of getting around on a daily basis.  

Keen to offer an optimal user experience, Panot has chosen to work with Velco to equip its fleet of classic urban bikes and longtails with Mobitrax, a premium connected device transforming e-bikes into Smartbikes for an enhanced e-mobility experience.  

Thanks to the integration of Mobitrax, the brand’s users will have access to a Panot mobile application, offering a range of advanced features for an optimal cycling experience. These include services linked to bike theft protection, such as an automatic sound alarm and notification for suspicious movements, power assistance cut-off and real-time geolocation

On another front, the mobile application will support cyclists in the day-to-day upkeep of their bikes, with maintenance tips, reminders and alerts. It also includes a playful approach to cycling, with detailed statistics and a trip history.  

To monitor its fleet activity, Panot use Velco Fleet Management, the bike fleet management software from the Velco Software Suite. This web-based software will enable the brand to monitor subscriptions as well as collect strategic data on users and their needs to proactively optimize fleet control


What we value most about this collaboration is the serenity and overview that Velco’s IoT technology offers both for Panot and our users. It helps us considerably minimize the rate of theft and vandalism, anticipate possible technical incidents through predictive maintenance and provides our users with very valuable information and a playful approach to cycling, with detailed statistics and a trip history. 

Technology plays a key role in our subscription business model and with Velco we have the confidence of having the best partner to be at the forefront. 


Didac Sabaté, Co-founder of Panot

The Velco x Panot partnership: connectivity for e-bikes arriving in Spain! 

For Velco, this collaboration with Panot represents a strategic step in its expansion in a booming Spanish market, which saw its third record year in 2023.  Having established its presence in Germany, Velco is now confirming its dynamic expansion across Europe.   

By offering innovative, scalable solutions for connecting e-bikes, Velco is actively contributing to accelerating the transition to more sustainable urban mobility and meeting the emerging needs of cyclists and professionals in the sector. 

The collaboration between Panot and Velco opens new perspectives for the future of urban mobility in Barcelona and beyond. By combining Panot’s expertise in electric bike rental with Velco’s innovative connectivity and fleet management solutions, the two companies are committed to transforming the way city dwellers get around, while helping to reduce carbon footprints and promote a more active and sustainable lifestyle.