Getting around the city with urban mobility

Mobility is at the heart of many issues today. But in the city, one question arises: how to get around easily, quickly and with a limited carbon footprint?

Soft mobility is taking place in many cities in France and around the world.

Investing in a fleet of motorized two-wheelers

Within a few years, 85% of urban transport will be electric, individual and portable (source: Urban mobility is constantly improving and aims to continue its evolution over the years.


vélo connecté velco

More and more people have been asking for electrically assisted bicycles for several years. This solution is now a priority to avoid using the car in the city. The car travels 14 km/h, while the bicycle travels 15 km/h (without electric assistance) in the city.

Many cities have kilometers of bicycle lanes, which, since the health crisis, have only continued to grow. Tomorrow’s urban mobility will be soft and clean.

Thanks to connectivity solutions, you have the possibility to geolocate your fleet in real time for more security.

Follow the scooter trend

For some time, electric scooters have been omnipresent in our cities. In free-floating or personal, they are now at the heart of the fleets.

The scooter is a machine that goes up to 25 km/h, is light, foldable and thus easily transportable for its users. This vehicle has a considerable advantage for your fleet. Indeed, it is always present with it (which limits the risk of theft).

déplacement ville mobilité urbaine

Your fleet, although electric, allows the user to exercise while having a limited carbon footprint, all for a decarbonized mobility.

The objectives of new mobility in the city are to reduce:

  • The use of oil,
  • Fuel costs,
  • CO2,
  • Noise pollution.

The modes of transport are to be adapted according to the clientele that you target and the use that these people make of their vehicle. It is up to you to advise your client in his choice of vehicles for the city.

A multimodal mobility to be favored

Always to be preferred to the private car, public transport is a means of transport which allows to move easily and quickly in the city. Moreover, some vehicles are now electric!

Multimodal mobility allows road users to use several means of transport to make their daily journeys. The objective for you is to integrate your means of transportation into your customer’s journey.

Secure your motorized two-wheeler fleet

A connected solution for your fleet for the safety of your vehicles. Real-time geolocation thanks to a tracker, handlebars or connected handlebars.

With these solutions, your fleet management will be facilitated and adapted to your needs. It is a solution against theft and that allows to facilitate its localization.