Reine Bike Connected : the connected e-bike Made in France

Zoom on our customer Reine Bike, manufacturer of a premium and innovative Made in France electric bike, thanks to the connectivity device proposed by Velco.

VAE made in France by Reine Bike

Reine Bike reveals its multi-talented French electric bike, also available in a connected version. It is with Velco’s connectivity expertise that Reine Bike has designed this ambitious project to offer a unique experience to cyclists of all generations.

The Reine Bike Classic and the Reine Bike Connected are distinguished by the quality of the equipment and their neo-retro design. Manufactured in the heart of the Pays de la Loire region, Reine Bike also marks the launch of a new direct sales network for bicycles in France.

Design, comfort, safety, technology and handling… Reine Bike has all the assets to become a reference in terms of personality and performance. Discover the Reine Bike Connected bike, made in partnership with the Velco teams.

Reine Bike Connecté

Reine Bike Connected: the smart bike for a unique user experience

The Reine Bike Connected integrates a complete anti-theft device. The user downloads an intuitive mobile application that will allow him to take advantage of the functionalities to protect his bike.

  • Motion detector: for each suspicious movement of the bike, the user is informed via the mobile application.
  • Audible alarm: he can trigger a 102 Db alarm remotely from his phone, very dissuasive.
  • Geolocation: the user can know the position of his bike in real time. The accuracy of the position is from 1 to 10m.
  • Remote control: the user of Reine Bike Connected can block access to the electrical assistance of the bike from his smartphone.

The bike deterrent and recovery device is very powerful and really helps to protect your bike against theft.

In addition to the security features, the user of the Queen Bike Connected has a lot of information about his journeys and his bike.

For example, he can know in real time the percentage of battery of his bike and the remaining autonomy in kilometers according to the power of his assistance, he can consult the calories he has burned, but also the grams of C02 saved thanks to the use of his bike compared to the use of a car and all other information.

Statistics that extend the connected bike experience by combining comfort and safety.

Velco’s accompaniment for Reine Bike

The connectivity present in the Queen Bike Connected was designed and provided by the Velco teams. Velco has responded to Reine Bike’s expectations by offering an innovative device to lift the brakes linked to theft, with benefits for the manufacturer but also for the end user, through high value-added services.

Reine Bike and Velco for a connected project of ambition

Stéphane Grégoire – Reine Bike

Opting for connectivity on Reine Bike bikes aims to ensure security against theft risks, and to improve and enrich the customer experience when using an electric-assisted bicycle. Reine Bike is a premium French brand that wants to be innovative. The connected electric bike is still not widely available on the market today, and the ground was ripe for integrating this kind of technology on Reine Bike bikes.

The Reine Bike application allows the user to control features and access all the data that enriches the cycling experience, such as environmental impact, calories burned or distance traveled. It provides an alert, geolocation, motion detector and assistance blocking service that is directly accessible on the user’s cell phone.

For Reine Bike, we are at the very beginning of connected mobility. The increase in data will enrich both the products and the use of bicycles, particularly in the urban and suburban environment for which the Reine Bike bicycle is intended.

Reine Bike and Velco are both players in the territory, which makes it possible to facilitate exchanges in a considerable way. The stakes are very important for our two companies: the objective is to put a successful product and offer on the market.

A high quality, local and ambitious partnership that brings together the teams of Reine Bike and Velco for an innovative premium bike, made in Pays de la Loire, with a bright future ahead of it. Discover the Reine Bike Connected, now available for pre-order.