Electric scooter market: trends, dynamics, brakes and opportunities

Electric transport allows you to travel with less pollution. The market for electric scooters is now booming, meeting the expectations of city dwellers to get around the city. The market is expected to grow considerably between now and 2026.

The place of the electric scooter in Europe

According to the AECM (European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers), in 2018, 16,463 electric scooters were sold compared to 28,577 in 2019. This represents a 75% increase in sales in Europe.

Belgium is in first place with 7,783 new electric vehicles registered in 2019. Just behind Belgium is France. It is in second place in terms of the number of registrations of electric scooters, with 7,375 vehicles in 2019 compared to 4,273 in 2018. There is a slight gap between Belgium and France in terms of electric scooter registrations. However, the rate of electric vehicles in the two countries is quite different. In Belgium, 27.65% of vehicles are electric compared to only 5% in France.

There are two distinct segments between the 50 cc and 125 cc equivalents. Electric scooters and motorcycles with a 50cc equivalent have made very good progress, accounting for 14.9% of sales in 2019, whereas electric scooters and motorcycles with a 125cc equivalent account for only 1.55% of total sales in 2019. While electric is still in its infancy and marginal among the 125, this is no longer the case for the 50cc. Included in this progression are fleets of electric scooters, which account for a large part of manufacturers’ orders.

The advantages of the electric scooter

scooter électrique avantages

Ecological, economical and practical

The advantages of the scooter for easy circulation in the city are no longer to be presented, they are combined with the advantages brought by electricity.

The electric scooter is more environmentally friendly in its daily consumption. It does not eject polluting gas and therefore allows the reduction of CO2. An electric scooter of 50 cm3 has a range of 50 to 80 km, the goal is to use it to get to work. For the 125 cm3, the autonomy can go up to 240 km. Today’s offer makes it possible to move around cleanly while keeping an interesting autonomy in use, an advance that makes the electric scooter offer much more attractive.

Economically speaking, the electric scooter offers great savings with less expensive energy. For a full tank, a 50cc electric scooter consumes between 0.20 and 0.60 cents of electricity per 100 kilometers. In comparison, a thermal scooter of the same size costs between 6 and 11 €.

On the practical side, electric vehicles require little maintenance. Drivers can benefit from an insurance premium when they purchase their vehicle. In addition, electric vehicles do not need to be heated, providing a smooth and pleasant drive with immediate acceleration and starting.

In terms of affordability, there are models at all prices: an electric scooter can cost between 1500€ and 10,000€ in most cases, depending on its performance and origin. We are witnessing a very aggressive price offer from Asian countries which already seem to have the upper hand in the entry-level market and which allows citizens of all CSPs to acquire an electric scooter.

Government support: bonuses for the acquisition of clean vehicles

At the national level, the bonus granted in 2020 for the purchase of an electric scooter could go up to 900€ with additional local assistance, depending on the engine’s power.

The Ile-de-France region has set up a subsidy for the acquisition of clean vehicles ranging from 1,500€ to 9,000€ according to various criteria. For the purchase of a NIU electric scooter, it is possible to benefit from an ecological bonus of 1,500€ if the battery energy is greater than or equal to 10 kWh. In this period, the objective is to reduce CO2 emissions. This is why Paris helps individuals with a 400€ grant for the purchase of an electric vehicle, VAE or electric scooter.

Following the growth of self-service electric scooter projects in Paris and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, companies such as Advansolar have developed solar charging stations. The aim is to recharge vehicles with a 6 kW engine to increase their autonomy. It is important to note that the solution allows any electric moped to be recharged. These initiatives will be deployed at the national level and will be supported by local authorities.

The players in the electric scooter market

The world leader in electric scooters remains Niu with a growth of +188%, and is also the number one in France. The Beijing-based company exceeded 250,000 vehicles sold, mainly in China, especially during the third quarter. An incredible progression for the manufacturer whose share price is now more than $26, whereas it had fallen to $6 last March. Next come Govecs and Super Soco. Between them, electric scooter manufacturers largely dominate the market and represent 5,575 registrations in 2019. While the other 7 brands in the top 10 manufacturers have made only 3,596 sales.

The electric scooter market is established in France and around the world. The aim of these electric vehicles is to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment and facilitate mobility in the city. However, it is important to note that electric scooters require extreme vigilance in terms of safety, with issues related to the safety of the driver (no noise emitted by the electric vehicle) and the security of electric scooters in order to respond to theft issues. Faced with this last challenge, connectivity may be the answer to offer an effective device from deterrence to recovery of stolen vehicles. Velco devices that can be imagined for each manufacturer by our teams of experts.