Velco Team wishes you a Happy New Year!

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Velco team wishes you all a happy new year 2021!

Greetings from the President of Velco


2020 will have been a year of history. A year that will have pushed humanity to its limits and will have impacted each of us, both professionally and personally. This year, we have demonstrated resilience, unity and perseverance. After a start to the year 2020 focused on restructuring and a change in business model and business strategy came COVID-19. We have been able to adapt, transform ourselves and change our habits through constraint or willpower.

But 2020 is not only synonymous with doubt, uncertainty and deprivation. It is also a year synonymous with hope. It has opened up new perspectives, highlighted our hidden strengths, and shown us that the giants of our world are not the most resilient, that each of us and small businesses are capable of adapting and emerging stronger from this crisis. Velco is one of them.

2021 will be a pivotal year. We are going to duplicate our achievements in other European markets (Germany, the Netherlands and the UK), demonstrating that our industry, urban mobility and more specifically cycling, is a market of excellence and in full development. We must support it in its transition to a sustainable, safe and secure means of transportation for its users, thanks to technology.

After enjoying moments of sharing and conviviality with our loved ones, let’s give way to this new challenge to transform urban mobility.
Happy New Year 2021 to all!

Pierre Régnier


Best wishes,