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Connected maintenance, a lever for satisfaction in the brand-cyclist relationship

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Regular maintenance, frequency of appointments, managing breakdowns... It can be difficult for a novice to learn the right way to maintain an electric bike on a daily basis. With connected maintenance, the cyclist is supported by the brand, which will enhance his or her experience for greater peace of mind. Thanks to reminders, advice and alerts, maintenance is simple and therefore better done. Thus, connected maintenance improves bicycle safety by preventing falls related to a bicycle in poor condition. In the long term, good maintenance optimises the life of bicycles.

The arrival of connected bikes on the market offers better prospects for connected maintenance. The brand can offer a better cycling experience and work on rider satisfaction and loyalty.

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Discover the benefits of connected maintenance for cyclists and brands

The benefits of connected maintenance

  • Ensuring the safety of cyclists
  • Deliver on the promise of a long life for the electric bicycle
  • Improve the rider experience
  • Improve long-term profitability
  • Create additional sales opportunities

New approaches to maintenance via connected maintenance

  • Curative maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance

Discover also concrete examples of connected services offered to cyclists with connected maintenance.