Gaya x Velco – Ride lightly with a connected bike!

Gaya is a French brand of electric bikes designed to simplify the life of city dwellers. The brand has announced its launch and the opening of its workshop in Paris, in addition to its online shop. Produced in collaboration with Velco, the range includes 2 models of connected bikes: compact and cargo, the first connected multi-seat e-bikes. The unisex and modular bikes have a strong style with wide tyres, a large retro headlight and front indicators.

The connected e-bike experience for Gaya cyclists

As a digital brand with the desire to offer a complete and secure experience to its cyclists, Gaya wanted to connect its electric bikes. The electric bikes are connected via a Gaya application, developed by Velco. On this application, connected services are offered to the cyclist, who benefits from a 24-month subscription included with the purchase of his bike. The functionalities allow to protect the bike against theft and to bring comfortable and fun services to the bike: locking and unlocking of the bike with notifications of suspicious movements, an audible alarm and the cutting off of the electric assistance, geolocation, maintenance notifications, trip history and statistics of the cyclist.

The Gaya brand’s commitment to sustainable mobility

Gaya’s mission is to ” provide access to smart, innovative and sustainable micro-mobility solutions” . The brand is committed to reducing the carbon impact of travel, with bikes adapted to all needs, turnkey with simple insurance packages and affordable bikes. Gaya is committed to sustainability with bikes that are designed to be repairable, such as the Gouach repairable battery. Gaya also promotes French know-how, in particular with Velco for a 100% French collaboration and a desire to relocate bike production to France by 2023. Strong commitments aligned with Velco’s philosophy for sustainable mobility.