Innovation in urban mobility, a must for mobility players


Our tailored approach to your connectivity projects

Let’s co-construct your connectivity projects

Our goal? That each player in urban mobility has the right tools enabling him to develop his activity through innovation and connectivity. Differentiation, increased margins, maintenance optimisation, figures to enhance the value of your activity, better knowledge of flows and users…

Velco accompanies you from the formulation of your needs to the delivery of a tailor-made solution, to boost your business thanks to the new forms of mobility. Expertise and flexibility allow us to answer all the connectivity issues for two wheels.

Technological innovation at the heart of urban mobility

Technological innovation in action to develop new mobility services and new travel practices in cities is our objective. With the development of urban centers, new modes of travel are emerging and expanding, requiring new modes of implementation and management.

What are the challenges for urban mobility?

Populations in urban areas are growing considerably. The mobility of people within these new spaces is therefore becoming a major challenge for connectivity and technological innovation.

As mobility players, we have a duty to improve the smart mobility of tomorrow. Technological innovation combined with connectivity allows us to create smart cities with new mobility habits for city dwellers.

Develop innovation and strengthen soft mobility

Velco, a mobility player, wants to change mobility habits to switch to soft mobility. A massive increase in mobility is observed in urban centers with the aim of making them intelligent.

Our know-how at the service of your challenges

Pierre Régnier – President and Co-Founder of Velco

We are committed to supporting all those involved in urban mobility by offering them the listening, advice, project management, development and training they specifically need. To do this, we offer to study all your projects to help you boost your business through connectivity and technological innovation.

Velco methodology

As a partner, we offer to accompany you in your connectivity project. A team of experts will be set up to follow you through the various stages of the project to make the most of the new technologies:

Identification and formalization of your need

We bring you our market knowledge and technological expertise to refine an already identified need or to deepen a connectivity project that can go even further in innovation to optimize the development of your business.

  • Feasibility study, costs, deadlines…
  • Support from the definition of the need to the specifications
  • Strategic advice in connectivity

Accompaniment in the customization of the hardware

Your dedicated team (electronic engineers, embedded software and project manager) will support you in the design and manufacture of the connected plotter, taking into account your manufacturing constraints and your specific requirements for a perfect integration on your vehicles and a full exploitation of new geolocation technologies.

  • Study and customization
  • Engineering services
  • Product design
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing, industrialization

Custom software design and development

Our team is composed of developers and web designers to combine performance and user experience. Starting from your objectives, we will create together platforms adapted to your needs and those of your end customers. We have the role of intermediary between the actors of mobility and the access to new technologies, in order to exploit all the innovations of the field, to facilitate the daily life of the city dwellers.

  • Custom design for your brand and custom development
  • Business platform or API to manage your business
  • Web/mobile application, emails for your end customers

Training and support for the use of your solution

Velco’s support continues with tools and training for the installation and the handling of your solution. The solution developed in co-construction must then become a real asset for your activity and its management.

  • Product installation tools (assembler)
  • Training on products and tools
  • Maintenance and support
  • After Sales Services

Our connected innovations: serving urban mobility

Velco’s products are developed with the aim of accompanying the actors of urban mobility for a safe use of vehicles and an optimized management of the fleets of vehicles, whatever they are, in the practice of new modes of travel.

  • Onitrax, is a universal tracker that adapts to all urban two-wheeled vehicles: scooter, bike, motorcycle.
  • Nuotrax, exploits the data of your fleet guaranteeing the safety of your goods, but also to your users thanks to a connected bike handlebar.

Velco boosts connectivity with its connected products to improve mobility habits.

Support for mobility professionals

Whether your connectivity project is at an advanced stage or still being defined, contact us and tell us what you need. Our technical and commercial teams will be delighted to design the solution that will allow you to take your business to the next level through innovation in urban mobility issues.

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