Meet Nelson, IOS developer at Velco

Meet Nelson, a curious, dynamic and caring IOS developer, essential to the Velco team.

Nelson développeur IOS chez Velco

What is your job as an IOS Developer at Velco ?

The job of iOS developer at Velco consists of programming our mobile applications for iPhone. The mobile applications we design communicate with handlebars connected via Bluetooth to guide the user on his journey. I mainly exchange with the Android developer in order to have a homogeneity on both OS. I also exchange a lot with the full-stack developer in order to properly recover the different datas on the application as well as with the embedded developer to ensure a good communication between the application and the handlebars. I also communicate sometimes with the Marketing or the Design department to define the look and the functionalities of the applications.

What do you like the most in this job ?

I chose mobile development in order to be able to mix technique and design. I like to have a visual rendering of what I program. Moreover, it’s a growing business and I’m convinced that there are still lots of new innovative applications to discover.

What was your background before joining the Velco team ?

Regarding my academic background, I obtained a degree in Electronics and Digital Technologies Engineering at Polytech’ Nantes as well as a university degree on connected objects thanks to a partnership between Polytech’ Nantes and the Nantes Atlantique School of Design.

I have been an iOS developer since I graduated from school. I started in a small video game company (Beemoov) where I learned Objective-C, the old iOS language. The desire to change my project and learn the new iOS Swift language pushed me to move to another company to go to Mobiapps. In this ESN, I mainly worked for the client which was my first experience in a large company. I then left for Velco because I was particularly interested in this job.

What attracted you to Velco? According to you, what are the strengths of the Velco team ?

I chose this company because cycling is a sector that interests me and has a future. In addition, working with a Chilean colleague allowed me to learn English a little better. I also like the closeness with colleagues related to small businesses.

According to me, the strengths of the Velco team are :

  • the professional experience of the employees
  • the motivation of the founders
  • working in a growth sector

I also appreciate the open-mindedness of the managers who listen and allow us, for example, to telework when we need to.

What’s your favourite project you’ve done since you’ve been here?

I enjoyed working on the Velco Tour project, the tourism application for bike rental companies. It was about making the application from scratch. As I really like to go hiking on holidays, I enjoyed developing and testing this application.

I haven’t encountered any particular difficulties since my arrival, even the management of the containment linked to Covid19 was done naturally because we are used to teleworking.

How did your integration into the Velco team go? How would you define the atmosphere and relationships between colleagues?

My integration within the team went well being in a small company. It’s easy to get everyone together for a drink or a picnic at lunch. Moreover, we regularly organise team buldings to get to know our colleagues a little better.

My best memory at Velco was when we tested the Velco Tour application in Brocéliande with our first customer. We followed a cycling road around the forest of Brocéliande, the whole team was present and the weather was very nice.