Meeting with Estelle, Communication Manager at Velco

What was your background before joining the Velco adventure?

For the academic part, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a Master’s degree in “Brand Marketing Management” in business school. Concerning professional experiences, I started as a web marketing assistant in a start-up company offering treasure hunts for children before joining a 360° communication agency for 5 years. I worked on different subjects with a major theme on the food industry, which has in common with mobility to reflect a society, from modes of consumption to modes of travel, to belong to an era with high expectations of environmental performance in the years to come.

What does the job of Communications Manager at Velco involve?

It is a question of designing and implementing all the actions to make the company known, to make the offer understood and to differentiate ourselves thanks to our DNA, our expertise and our quality of support. Publishing, events, web, press relations… Communication within Velco is very varied thanks to the typology of the targets, multi-channel, international, sometimes experimental! We activate the levers that will allow us to increase our notoriety, enhance our offer and conquer new partners, whom we hope to accompany over the long term.

Why did you choose to join Velco?

After many formative years in a communications agency, I wanted to join a company and devote myself fully to a sector that was to be meaningful to me. In addition to being a young and dynamic company, Velco’s mission is to transform urban mobility through connectivity, a project that really appealed to me. Beyond the mobility market, which I find absolutely fascinating because at the heart of the transition from cities to the Smart City, I appreciated the involvement of the co-founders and teams, the company’s strong ambition, its international dimension and the sense of challenge of an innovative company under construction.

What do you like most about the Velco team?

No two days at Velco are ever the same. If it’s sometimes a little disconcerting not knowing where you’re going, it’s also an endless field of opportunities and discoveries. The sense of challenge and the spirit of conquest is really present, it is an additional motivation on a daily basis. I like the total autonomy that we all have in our jobs, the confidence given to carry out missions, the open-mindedness of each person about the role of others. I also appreciate the mix of personalities and profiles, which brings a great richness to the group.

In terms of communication, what are the major challenges?

Yesterday we were a young start-up and we grew up well… the objective is to become THE reference in connected mobility in Europe. It’s quite a challenge for any good communicator looking for a challenge. When you propose such an innovative offer with such a great potential for transformation, you have to be up to the challenge to make yourself known and change habits by raising the awareness of professionals and end-users. Connectivity and data can have a mysterious effect that provokes mistrust and skepticism, but today we offer successful and reliable solutions that improve the experience of all the links in the connectivity chain, from manufacturer to user.

The team is predominantly male, how do you live it on a daily basis?

All right! The team is very welcoming and inclusive and there is no difference between men and women. That being said, I would be delighted to welcome more female colleagues in the future, so women in tech, don’t hesitate to apply!