Meet Damien, IT Manager at Velco

What is your job as IT Manager at Velco?

The job of IT manager at Velco consists in taking care of the IS (Information System) team. My role is to :

  • Follow all the achievements and needs of the team
  • Plan the work of everyone
  • Follow the evolution of the projects
  • Ensure that we can respond favorably to the needs of our clients and our sales representatives.

What projects are you working on?

I keep an eye on all the projects on the IS side. This allows me to work on the whole Velco ecosystem and interact with the different teams in the company.

What was your background (academic and professional) before joining Velco?

I did all my studies in Vannes, specializing in digital imaging and system security.

After having had the chance to work 1 year for the MGDIS company, I arrived in Nantes.

During 3 years, I worked in the water field. Mainly on machines allowing to make quality measurements in real time. With projects in relation with the LERES of Rennes, the CSTB and the SDIS35, I was mostly on the field with the users.

Afterwards, I joined Lumiplan and discovered the transport and traveller information business. I had the opportunity to participate in the deployment of several large networks, such as Strasbourg, Geneva and even follow the SEMITAN network in Nantes.

After several years, I wanted to change field and I joined Velco in April 2020.

Why did you choose to join Velco? What are the strong points of your team ?

Velco is a great challenge. There is a lot to build on. I knew that by joining the team I would not have time to get bored.

The IS team is very open and the employees communicate very well with each other.
UX designer, system administrator, product owner, quality engineer, developer, the IS team is made up of many different professions and everyone brings their knowledge to the others.

Do you think that connectivity will revolutionize mobility and how?

I hope so, soft mobility is booming. Adding connectivity to the vehicles involved can bring a lot of value to users and fleet managers. The data collected will allow to improve the whole infrastructure necessary for soft mobility. In my opinion, this is the point that will really revolutionize mobility.

How do you imagine Velco in 5 years?

In 5 years, Velco will have grown again. We will continue to innovate and offer quality products and services on even larger fleets of bicycles than those we equip today.

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