Meet Margaux, UX/UI Designer, sandwich course at Velco

Margaux has been alternating as Webdesigner/UX-UI since September 2018. She has a central position within the company, in contact with the technical, sales and communication teams.

Margaux Juhel

What’s your academic background?

After a literary baccalaureate, I did a Bachelor’s degree in “Digital Project Manager” at the WIS school in Nantes, and I am currently doing a Master’s degree in Digital Strategy Expert, specializing in UX at the Digital Campus in Rennes.

Why did you choose to do your sandwich course at Velco?

After meeting the team and exchanging about missions with Johnny, I wanted to join the Velco adventure. It was a chance for me professionally to be able to participate in the launch of the very first product, Wink Bar, and to discover a company in full evolution.

What are your missions within Velco?

At Velco I assist Estelle in communication by the graphic design of print, event and digital media. My missions are mainly focused on the UX/UI Webdesign of our website, mobile applications and our platforms for professionals.

The Velco team has only 3 women. What would you say to motivate female candidates?

Join a friendly team, on a human scale. Participate in afterworks and team building events that allow you to create links. And between us, boys don’t bite 😉.

As a working student, how do you feel about being part of the team? 

Directly linked to the different teams, I feel completely integrated within Velco. I am listened to and I have a lot to offer, and my place is not only that of an alternate but really considered like all the other team members.

What do you think Velco’s strengths are?

A young and dynamic team. A constant watch on the evolution of trends, accompanying and listening to customers to meet their needs. A desire to participate in the evolution of tomorrow’s cities through technological innovation.

What is your vision of tomorrow’s mobility?

For me, tomorrow’s mobility is the evolution of new modes of transport that are safe, efficient and adapted to the environment, taking into account the ecological impact and ensuring the safety and harmony of our cities.