Meet Antoine, the Android specialist at Velco!

This is Antoine, a member of the Velco team. Antoine is 27 years old, he's a lover of Brittany who is in charge of the development of Android applications at Velco.

Antoine Jaury

Discover the talents that make up Team Velco. This week, we interviewed Antoine, our Android lead developer, member of the technical and R&D team.

When did you join the Velco team?

I joined Velco at the beginning of 2017 with the mission to support the development of mobile applications, Android and iOS, of our various products. The team then grew rapidly and two iOS developers came to support the mobile development part.

What are your missions in the team?

My mission is now more focused on the Android development of our solutions and we are thinking with the whole mobile team about the continuous improvement of our development processes.for the last few weeks I have also been working on the development follow-up and the improvement of our communication within the technical team in order to carry out the development of our tourism solutions in association with the product manager and Romain, who supervises the technical development and the production of all our products.The team is still growing and we will soon welcome a new Android developer in the team that we will have to accompany with the mobile team in order to fully integrate him in our working methods and help him to increase his skills on the development of Android applications.

To achieve this, what academic path did you follow?

I studied electronics and industrial computer science engineering at INSA Rennes and completed two international semesters of specialization in IT project management and software quality. Following these studies I worked for 2 years on the design of IoT solutions for professional LED lighting and the development of mobile applications to control these connected objects.

How do you feel about Velco?

My missions at Velco are a continuity in my interest for the development of connected software solutions. This interest and my strong will to participate in the design of solutions for soft mobility allow me to blossom in my missions at Velco.

What do you think Velco’s strengths are?

The development team being young and dynamic we exchange a lot about development practices and continuously improve our development methods. The team is also involved in the design of the products which offers a shared understanding of our customers’ needs and allows us to better meet them.

What is your best project completed or in progress at Velco?

The most beautiful project that I have been able to work on at Velco is probably for me the development of our tourism solution because it allows us to combine the pleasure of a tourist itinerary with the practice of reasoned, fun and cultural tourism.

How do you see the place of the bicycle in the years to come?

In my opinion, the bicycle, as well as other forms of soft transport, have an important role to play in the years to come, particularly in the development of urban transport. They play a role in making our networks more fluid and improving our environment (limiting air pollution and reducing the stress and noise pollution associated with motor vehicle travel in our daily lives today).

What’s your fondest memory of riding a bike?

A great weekend in Noirmoutier for which we drove from Nantes along the estuary and then the coast. We were thus able to enjoy many different landscapes during our 2-day trip: banks of the Loire, zigzags on the top of the creeks of the coast, passage through the Vendée tides and crossing to the island.