Velco, the French leader in IoT solutions for the e-bike industry, has teamed up with automotive giant Valeo to connect its 48V system. Under the brand name Valeo Cyclee, Valeo is deploying its electric assistance technology and its digital ecosystem developed by Velco, for cycle professionals and cyclists.


The 48V system with a seven-speed automatic and adaptive gearbox developed in partnership with Effigear is a world first. Valeo Cyclee has established itself as a direct competitor to the leading engine manufacturers with a premium positioning and has already convinced 20 cycle manufacturers in less than 20 months in France and abroad. In addition to the unprecedented performance of its 48V system, Valeo Cyclee brings innovation from the automotive sector to the cycle industry and creates a digital ecosystem to support its customers.

Velco, the French leader in connected solutions for the electric bicycle industry, has been chosen as the connectivity supplier to design and develop the digital system around the Valeo Cyclee motor kit. The offer addresses issues related to motor diagnostics and calibration, traceability and services to be provided to bike makers, bike shops and riders. 

Via a platform dedicated to the bike maker, the connectivity allows the pairing between the frame and the motor, the calibration and the updating of the motor. For the bike shop, a diagnostic tool has been developed with a logbook for tracking the bike equipped with a Valeo engine, containing the history of repairs, updates and modifications of parts on the bike. A mobile application has also been developed for cyclists to customize certain engine parameters (anti-theft features, trip information – time and kilometres traveled, battery feedback for diagnosis, etc.) The digital ecosystem developed by Velco offers key services to all players, from professionals to individuals. For Valeo Cyclee, data is essential to feed product development thinking, to mark a real differentiation on the market and to ensure the satisfaction of all players through the service offer.

Challenges met by VELCO to connect the electric kit of valeo Cyclee

Velco supported Valeo with its connectivity expertise and its knowledge of the bicycle industry. Among the challenges encountered on this large-scale project, the cybersecurity requirements of the device enabled Velco to strengthen its position in this area, making it a point of excellence for its connected solutions. The Velco team was also strengthened to develop this digital ecosystem in a very short timeframe, adapting its SaaS offer to the specificities of Valeo Cyclee in just a few months.


Velco has closely followed Valeo Cyclee’s introduction to the electric bicycle market, measuring the technological dimension of the products offered. Sharing our values of innovation and challenge, this Made in France collaboration was born to pool our know-how. We are helping Valeo Cyclee to market its solution to different brands through connectivity. Valeo is enabling Velco to increase its expertise in automotive quality standards to be applied in the cycle industry. With an innovative digital offer and a strong production force, the innovation carried by Valeo Cyclee and Velco is reshuffling the cards in the e-bike market.


Pierre REGNIER, CEO of Velco

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