Our solutions

Velco offers tailor-made support to meet all the connectivity projects of urban mobility players. We have created 2 solutions for specific activities: fleet management and two-wheeler manufacturing. These solutions are adjusted on demand to meet your needs.

Velco Fleet

Velco Fleet supports fleet managers to optimise the management of your vehicles (bicycles, scooters, motorbikes…) and create value for your customers. Velco’s expertise and resources are at the service of your business to create together customized solutions that meet your specific needs.


Velco OEM


Velco OEM supports two-wheeler manufacturers to turn connectivity into a competitive advantage.

The solution enables them to differentiate themselves, remove the brakes on purchasing and launch operational marketing actions to boost the integrators’ business.

Velco OEM

Velco supports urban mobility professionals


Velco supports urban mobility professionals in order to boost their business. Urban mobility professionals play a major role in our cities. That’s why Velco wants to support them with its service platform connected to its connectivity solutions equipped with a real-time geolocation system.

How can we do this?

Velco’s support aims to facilitate the location of your fleet of vehicles thanks to the GPS location emitted by our products, integrated on your vehicles. We offer connectivity solutions to help you develop your business or make connectivity an advantage for your brand.

Velco supports you with different platforms dedicated to your business and your needs.


Optimize your fleet management

For your scooters, bicycles, scooters, Velco helps you to optimize your fleet management thanks to the real time location of the vehicle. The major issues are: safety and optimization of your fleet maintenance.


Geolocation technology: what is at stake for urban mobility?

Geolocation technology represents today a real solution for urban mobility and more widely for mobility actors. We therefore offer personalized support to urban mobility companies to take full advantage of this technology.


Understanding geolocation technologies

Geolocation technologies are an innovation for soft mobility. Thanks to this geolocation innovation, in real time, your fleet’s movements are tracked by GPS. In urban areas, it can locate your motorized two-wheeler (scooter/bike/scooter) to within 10m. Different technologies combined with GPS allow you to never lose the network of your fleet and to specify their location.

Indoor and outdoor

Geolocation technology can be used in two contexts, indoor and outdoor. The application area for geolocation of the assets of the professionals Velco works with is focused on outdoor.
Indoor technology generally geolocates with solutions such as ultra wide band, Wi-Fi triangularization and ultrasound.
Outdoor technology, on the other hand, commonly uses GPS and a combination of 3G-4G and GPS. With this device, the user authorizes an application to track his position and his movements in an active way. In passive geolocation, the two-wheeler user has to activate the services himself to have his position and movements recorded.
Velco focuses on the outdoor market to meet the needs of local authorities, fleet managers and other urban mobility professionals.


What are the benefits for urban mobility?

Velco also supports mobility professionals with connected products developed by our professional teams.

Mobility in urban areas is a real challenge. Geolocation technologies allow the development of mobility in urban areas thanks to the change of new travel modes and their real time location.


Our mission

Velco offers a solution to professionals to remove the barriers to cycling. The objectives are to fight against theft, to make users safer thanks to new traffic patterns and bike lanes, but also to increase the life span of vehicles through constant maintenance monitoring.
Velco’s ambition is to become the European leader in connectivity solutions by 2024.

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Innovation in the field of geolocation technologies is constant. To continue to innovate and meet the needs of the market, we are constantly informing ourselves on these topics, do the same, and discover our latest articles that deal with the subject.

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