Naka e-power, the application to connect Nakamura E-bikes by Intersport and MFC

Intersport France and the Manufacture Française du Cycle innovate in collaboration with Velco and reveal the mobile application NAKA E-POWER to connect Nakamura e-bikes.

Naka e-power, the new application to connect your e-bike

Connecting all the electric bikes of the Nakamura brand is the challenge that Intersport France and the Manufacture Française du Cycle have set themselves. Accompanied by Velco, they have designed a mobile application capable of connecting the E-Summit 740 range and E-Summit SUV, to bring new services to cyclists equipped with these electrically assisted bicycles.

Intersport and the MFC are signing a differentiating innovation here, which allows to improve and extend the experience of cyclists with a complete and rich application to fully enjoy all their journeys. Cyclists will love to know everything about their bikes and their performance to boost their use even more.

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Services offered by the Naka e-power application

Never before seen in the world of cycling, which democratises the Smart Bike for all with this new mobile application.
The application allows the user to :
📱 Connect the Nakamura bike with his smartphone
🔐 Locking the bike’s electric assistance (Naka-Lock)
🔋 Knowing the remaining autonomy of the bike to ride with peace of mind
📊 Launch a course and benefit from all the statistics (speed, autonomy, distance covered, stopwatch…)
📲 Share your experiences on social networks: Strava, Facebook, Instagram…
🌱 Measure the environmental impact of your EAV user by knowing the CO2 savings made compared to using a car.
📋 Retrieve the history of routes and bike data

The NAKA E-POWER mobile app is now available on App Store and Google Play.

Velco’s value on the project

Velco assisted the MFC and Intersport in defining the requirements and specifications, providing support in project monitoring and carrying out the development of the application (in partnership with Beapp).
The whole team is delighted to have been able to take part in this ambitious and innovative project, which enriches the end-user experience and shows that smart bikes have a bright future ahead of them!