Connectivity at the service of reduced mobility

Mobility with a social link, secure and accessible to all, is the project of Nielsen Concept with Velco's connected handlebars.

reduced mobility and connectivity

Individual electric mobility for everyone

Individual electric mobility is not just for healthy adults. New solutions exist to enable everyone to enjoy cycling on a daily basis, regardless of age or disability. This is notably the case with the Senior bicycle, a scooter bike specifically adapted for transporting elderly or disabled people. It enables isolated or mainly sedentary people to get back in touch with the great outdoors, but above all to recreate social contact. This bike has already won over many nursing home and local authorities in France. Cycling outings become an opportunity for real exchanges between the elderly, volunteers, families…

The Nielsen Concept company, based in Nantes, markets these Senior bikes throughout the country. Its founder, Nicolas Salmon, is also the founder of A vélo Sans Age.

The choice of Velco connected handlebars for our Senior bikes

Nicolas Salmon – Nielsen Concept

At Nielsen Concept, our aim is to enable 100% of the population to use the bicycle as a means of daily transportation. This is why we provide mobility solutions ranging from children’s bike buses to senior bikes and cargo bikes. For our Senior bikes, we have chosen to equip them with Velco-connected handlebars. These handlebars provide a real additional service to the users thanks to the GPS function, the possibility to program adapted tours, and also to send a signal in case of a fall.

These Senior bikes, of Danish origin, chosen for their robustness, continue to seduce more and more establishments in France. They are also used by associations or families of disabled people.

The entire Velco team is very happy to be able to accompany mobility players in all its forms, especially when it brings meaning and social ties. It’s a real achievement to be able to equip these scooters so that mobility is accessible to all. With the Wink Bar connected handlebars, the scooter offers safe and comfortable services for users and passengers, an enhanced experience thanks to connectivity.