White Paper – Connected e-bikes

Connected e-bikes: understanding the benefits and opportunities of digitisation for brands

The connected e-bike or smartbike is the new and fast-growing segment of the electric bike market. Reinventing the cycling experience for cyclists, connectivity is digitalising the entire cycling industry and creating opportunities for all players, specifically bike brands.

This white paper has been written to demonstrate the potential of the connected bike, a strong proposition to increase the attractiveness of electric bikes and accelerate the development of its practice. By downloading the white paper for free, you will have access to:

  • Key figures on bicycle market trends
  • Why and how the smartbike is becoming the new market standard
  • What is a connected bike? IoT integration and communication protocols
  • 5 misconceptions about connectivity
  • The benefits of connectivity for the cycling industry: digitalisation and interconnection of players
  • The benefits of the connected bike for brands: differentiation, satisfaction, loyalty and maintenance
  • Quiz: Is connectivity right for my bike brand?