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2020 August 13 Tourism

Figures on the economy of bicycle tourism in France

Cycle tourism is a practice that continues to attract more and more holidaymakers, from France but not only, since 20% of cycle tourists come from abroad. Did you know that France is the second most popular destination for bicycle tourism in Europe, behind Germany? The economic spin-offs of bicycle tourism in France have increased by 46% in 10 years to reach 5.1 billion euros per year. Take a look back at this rapidly growing economy in figures.

2020 June 11 Tourism

Cycle tourism 2.0: the paradise for connected tourists

De la recherche à l’avis final, le smartphone intervient et devient une étape clé de l’expérience en elle-même. Focus sur l’utilisation du smartphone pendant son voyage et pendant l’expérience cyclotouristique.