The immersive
tourism experience

Velco has created Wink Bar, the first connected bike handlebar that enables a true revolution in the cycling tourism experience. The innovation is integrated into the Velco Tour solution, which allows professionals of tourism to develop their business in line with the expectations of Tourists 2.0. Velco Tour is with you to offer new experiences to your customers and to turn connectivity into a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Velco Tour

Differenciated experience corresponding to the expectations of tourists 2.0

Time saved when providing bicycles

safety system

Optimized management of the fleet and the risks associated with bicycle hire

Knowledge of your customers and your fleet with the data collected

What does Velco Tour include ?

Velco Tour offers key services to optimize the activity of professionals in tourism and intuitive and secure products to improve the user experience. this complete devis from the professional to the end user allows to re-enchant cycling tourism as a whole, thanks to connectivity.

For professionals

Velco Tour provides two turnkey platforms to create tourist itineraries (Tour Editor) and manage the fleet of bikes (Webfleet Manager).

webfleet manager and tour editor

For tourists

Wink Bar, connected handlebars for more comfort and safety connected to Velco tour, an intuitive and multilingual mobile app.

Wink bar and velco tour app

The Velco Tour experience for tourists

  1. The tourist buys his Velco tour experience.
  2. He is given a bike equipped with a Wink Bar, downloads the Velco Tour mobile application on his smartphone and connects to the handlebar.
  3. The tourist chooses his tour itinerary among those that you offer, according to his interests.
  4. He is easily and safely guided with the connected handlebar. The smartphone stays in his pocket during the ride. He uses it once he arrives near one of the points of interest of the tour. He discovers a description of the place on the app and then gets back to his connected ride.

Velco Tour for professionals in tourism

Tour Editor

The Tour Editor Platform allows you to easily create, import and set up tourist routes. In a few clicks, add crossing points and points of interest to create interactive and unique tours. Tourists will choose a tour according to their interests among those you offer to discover the area in complete serenity.

Webfleet Manager

The Webfleet Manager platform gathers all information collected by the connected handlebar Wink Bar to optimize the management of the fleet.

The platform, easy to use, will help you to manage risks, save time and get to know you fleet and your customers better.

  • bike position and status
  • user and product statistics

Vélo 17 has chosen Velco Tour

Bernard Pontoizeau – Vélo 17 Loisir

From the very first try, we were seduced by the application. Four circuits discovered by the cycle tracks of the Ile d’Oléron have been integrated. Customer feedback has been very positive!

Webfleet Manager

Velco supports you

The Velco team is committed to supporting ans satisfying its customers. We accompany you in mastering the Velco Tour solution with:

  • Training on the Velco Tour solution, on the platforms of tour creation (Tour Editor) and fleet management (Webfleet Manager)
  • A team dedicated to support (products and services)
  • Communication tools at your disposal to prensent Velco Tour to your customers
  • Continuous improvement of the solution closest to your needs