sharing and free-floating

2020 December 28 sharing and free-floating

In what way is the electric bicycle long-term rental a future-oriented solution?

Bicycles for long-term rental or leasing of electric bicycles are in full expansion. A system that encourages the transition towards the democratization of electric bicycles for all city dwellers, while enabling the city to be modern, attractive, green and committed to the Smart City transformation that residents are so eagerly awaiting. Features, advantages, weak points, return on the rental of electric bicycles for long-term contracts, a real system for the future of cities.

2020 May 11 sharing and free-floating

Free-floating in France : figures, stakes and opportunities

Free-floating was born in China, thanks to the company Ofo, a bicycle-sharing specialist, which will deploy a first system in 2014. In recent years, free-floating has made its appearance in