Universal tracking system

The universal tracking system for data collection

Easy to integrate on all two wheels, this ultra-compact, high-performance, easy-to-integrate plotter collects data on vehicles, users and their journeys. Aimed at fleet managers and LEV manufacturers to obtain key data and enhance the end-user’s mobility experience.

connectivity solution for motorcycles

Track and trace system for your customers

The tracker allows you to know the real time position of the vehicle via a web or mobile application that you can customize with your brand colors. The user logs in, enters his serial number and sees his vehicle appear on the map to locate it in case of theft or loss.

urban mobility connectivity

Data Collection

Onitrax collects several types of data in addition to vehicle geolocation. Thanks to the tracker, you obtain the number of kilometres travelled, the money saved and the grams of CO2 gained by using a bicycle instead of a car. Web and mobile platforms allow you obtain generic user data (gender, age) to better understand your customer typology and data on vehicle use.

Benefit from raw data or automated calculations that meet a real need for your business. You will be able to view them on platforms adapted to your business.

Technical Specifications

35 g Box

2G, multi-operators

Protection against micro cuts

Positioning GNSS
Accuracy below 10 m

9 to 50 VDC

Use of the vehicle