The connected handlebar for
people and bike safety

Revolutionize your rides

Wink Bar can be installed on any bike and controlled from your smartphone. At last, enjoy GPS-assisted navigation, geolocation of your bike and powerful built-in headlights. With Wink Bar, turn bikes into connected bikes with an intuitive and secure experience for the end user.

Wink Bar features

Track and trace in case of theft

Thanks to the tracking system integrated into the handlebars, your customers will never lose their bikes again. By taking out a subscription to the alert service (notification on the phone in case of suspicious movement) and real-time geolocation in case of theft (live position tracking on the map), the bike can be easily found in France or anywhere in the world!

A patented tracking system that has proved its worth to end users, who have a reliable solution to the problem of bicycle theft.

GPS Navigation

With our patented WinkNav navigation system, the handlebars lead the owner to his destination safely by offering a fast and bike-friendly route. The user enters his destination on the application, stows his phone and is guided by the light blocks integrated into the handlebars. With LEDs, the handlebars indicate the directions to take: turn left soon, turn now, take the third exit of the roundabout, turn back… Comfort and safety for the cyclist.

Smart headlights

Be seen thanks to our intelligent lighting system. The two headlights integrated in the front of the handlebars have several operating modes, which can be set by the user from the mobile application. They can be set to fixed (always on), flashing or automatic, they will then switch on according to the ambient light to allow the cyclist to be well seen by other road users.

Wink Bar mobile app

The Wink Bar mobile application is free to download from the App Store or Plays Store. The user downloads it and connects his handlebars. He then has a unique interface to make each ride a new experience.

Enter your destination, set the handlebar parameters, view the kilometres travelled, journey times and calories burned? The application also provides access to premium services to secure your bike with the alert and geolocation service.

Data collection

Wink Bar collects several types of data in addition to vehicle geolocation. Thanks to the tracer integrated into the handlebars, you obtain generic data on users (gender, age) to better know your typology of customers and data on vehicle use, for example the number of kilometres travelled, the money saved and the grams of CO2 gained by using a bicycle instead of a car.

Benefit from raw data or automated calculations that meet a real need for your business. You will be able to view them on web and mobile platforms adapted to your business.

The connected innovation

Christophe Yvars – Gorille Cycles

We use Wink Bar with the Velco OEM solution. In this way we offer our customers the connected innovation, the peace of mind of a tracker and the safety of navigation adapted to bicycle trips. In short, a lot of features added to our bike with the only Wink Bar option!

Technical Specifications

Handlebar diameter 31.8 mm
Length 740 mm

Aluminum, Plastic, Polycarbonate

micro-USB cable
1800 mAh capacity

420 g


SIM card integrated multi-operator
Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy

Full charge in 4 hours

3 weeks of use for an average use of 1h/day

3 modes: on/off, flashing, automatical