State-of-the-art technology to
collect data remotely

Nuotrax: State-of-the-art technology for your activity

Nuotrax is a connected bike handlebar, which allows to connect any electric bike. Thanks to the CAN BUS communication, it collects data on your bikes, on the trips and on the users. Beyond a complete security device to protect bikes against theft (motion detection, alarm and geolocation), Nuotrax offers remote controls such as switching on/off electric assistance. This connected handlebar opens the field of possibilities in terms of high value-added services, cost optimization, risks and knowledge of your customers.

More than a tracker, the best connectivity for your business.


The anti-theft device

Nuotrax integrates a complete bike theft prevention system. The first step is the notification of suspicious movement to the bike owner, who will know in real time that his bike is in danger. Nuotrax has an audible alarm of up to 102 decibels. When the user receives a notification of suspicious movement, he can activate the alarm remotely to deter the thief and protect his bike.
If despite the first two steps the bike is stolen, Nuotrax integrates a real-time geolocation system that tracks the vehicle’s position with an accuracy between 1 and 10 meters. This information can be delivered to users or fleet managers via web platforms or customized mobile applications.

Data collection on LEV

Nuotrax collects the position of the vehicle but also many key data to develop your business. Access data on users (gender, age) or on vehicle usage (kilometers traveled, duration of use, C02 saved vs. a car, health statistics such as calories burned…).
With the CAN connection, Nuotrax also collects data on the vehicles. For example, you will be able to know the percentage of battery remaining on a vehicle.
The data collection allows to develop services for end-users, to deploy a more efficient after-sales service and to set up marketing actions to build customer loyalty in the long term.

Remote controls

Nuotrax collects data but is also able to offer you remote vehicle controls. Depending on your business needs, you will be able to carry out key actions remotely such as blocking the vehicle’s electrical assistance.

Let’s imagine together services and possibilities to serve your objectives and support the development of your business.

Technical Specifications

Design nuotrax

3 models of bike handlebars : City, Trek, VTT

communication nuotrax

2G, multi-operator

22h without external power
2 Ah Capacity

Up to 102 dBA



Vehicles, use of vehicles, users

Accuracy between 1 and 10 m

12 to 48 V

Aluminum, Plastic, Polycarbonate