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Pierre Régnier Velco

2020 March 10 Television

France 2 highlights Velco through crowdfunding

The “13h” of France 2 highlights Velco through crowdfunding. The crowdfunding was an important step, a springboard for the development of the company. Thanks again to all those who participated

Velco Radio Cyclo

2020 February 13 Radio

Interview of Johnny Smith by Radio Cyclo

Jérôme Armand from Radio Cyclo, the first 100% bike web radio covered the FUB Congress held in Bordeaux for its 20th edition on February 6th and 7th, 2020. Discover in

logo le vélo urbain

2019 December 20 Web

Le Vélo Urbain presents Wink Bar and its advantages for city dwellers

The webzine Le Vélo urbain presented Wink Bar, the connected bike handlebars. In this article, you can discover the many advantages of the device proposed by Wink Bar with the

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