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reposition Velco B2B and fundraising

2021 June 8 Web

Reposition of Velco for B2B and fundraising campaign

“Velco is synonymous with strong, controlled, sustainable and responsible growth in a growing market, in the age of time and with high potential.”

2021 March 26 Web

Velco “cyclotech” gets €5 million

A creation in 2016, 5 million euros raised in 2021, Velco pushes towards a deployment on the European market

2021 March 25 Web

Deployment of the Velco solution

Mobilités Magazine reacts to the 5 million euros raised by Velco

2021 March 24 Web

Velco contributes to the development of soft mobility

J’aime les startup realizes an article on the fundraising of the startup nugget of the “velotech”, Velco

2021 March 20 Web

Velco’s acceleration on the French and European markets

Velco opens in 2022 for the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and other Northern European countries.

2021 March 19 Web

This week’s fundraising round-up

176 M€ raised by 18 French startups under 10 years old!

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