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reposition Velco B2B and fundraising

2021 June 8 Web

Reposition of Velco for B2B and fundraising campaign

“Velco is synonymous with strong, controlled, sustainable and responsible growth in a growing market, in the age of time and with high potential.”

2021 March 26 Web

Velco “cyclotech” gets €5 million

A creation in 2016, 5 million euros raised in 2021, Velco pushes towards a deployment on the European market

2021 March 25 Web

Deployment of the Velco solution

Mobilités Magazine reacts to the 5 million euros raised by Velco

2021 March 24 Web

Velco contributes to the development of soft mobility

J’aime les startup realizes an article on the fundraising of the startup nugget of the “velotech”, Velco

2021 March 20 Web

Velco’s acceleration on the French and European markets

Velco opens in 2022 for the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and other Northern European countries.

2021 March 19 Web

This week’s fundraising round-up

176 M€ raised by 18 French startups under 10 years old!

2021 March 19 Web

Societe.Tech shares Velco’s fundraising

Discover with the course of Velco

2021 March 19 Web

Fundraising in French Tech

French-Tech start-ups raise over €170 million this week

2021 March 18 Web

Velco’s fourth and largest fundraising round

Velco raises its fourth round of financing to tackle the European urban mobility market

2021 March 18 Web

Velco closes €5 million fundraising round

Good news for Velco! A 5 million euros fundraising closed in early 2021


2021 March 18 Web

Les Echos – Entrepreneurs, announces the opening of Velco offices in the Netherlands

A young Nantes-based start-up pivots to B2B and raises 5 million euros.

2021 March 17 Web

“Les Echos” present Velco’s fundraising

Thanks to its connectivity solutions, an opening in the Netherlands and Germany, Velco is riding the bike boom


2020 December 5 Web

Velco secure €5 million in funding

The investors, the opening of Velco on the European market … about the company.


2020 December 3 Web

Velco pushes forward with connectivity developments

In France, the company is currently working with Nakamura, Arcade Cycles, Véligo (a long-term rental system in the Ile-de-France area) and Norauto and its brand Wayscral.

Pierre Régnier Velco

2020 March 10 Television

France 2 highlights Velco through crowdfunding

The “13h” of France 2 highlights Velco through crowdfunding. The crowdfunding was an important step, a springboard for the development of the company. Thanks again to all those who participated

Velco Radio Cyclo

2020 February 13 Radio

Interview of Johnny Smith by Radio Cyclo

Jérôme Armand from Radio Cyclo, the first 100% bike web radio covered the FUB Congress held in Bordeaux for its 20th edition on February 6th and 7th, 2020. Discover in

logo le vélo urbain

2019 December 20 Web

Le Vélo Urbain presents Wink Bar and its advantages for city dwellers

The webzine Le Vélo urbain presented Wink Bar, the connected bike handlebars. In this article, you can discover the many advantages of the device proposed by Wink Bar with the

connected product tracking

2019 September 30 Web

Les Numériques introduce Wink Bar, the connected handlebar

The very famous technology product comparator and tester Les Numériques has taken a close interest in Wink Bar, the connected bicycle handlebars for personal and bicycle safety. Indeed, the journalist

Velco Europe 1

2019 July 23 Radio

Velco on the Show “La France Bouge” on Europe 1: innovations for cyclists

It is through testimonials, portraits and interviews that Raphaëlle Duchemin and her teams highlight positive initiatives and innovations. A programme which takes place on Europe 1 at 1pm and which

Velco BFM Hello start up

2018 June 30 Television

Velco in Good Morning Business on BFM TV

Johnny Smith, co-founder and marketing and sales director of Velco was the guest of the Hello Startup column in Good Morning Business, with Stéphane Soumier, on BFM Business. Johnny Smith