Company bike fleet management

Out with the car, in with the company bike! An attractive advantage for employees, companies can deploy a fleet of connected electric bikes and offer a secure, comfortable and fun mobility experience, with transparent usage statistics highlight the company’s sustainable commit.

Improving the well-being of employees

Optimising the use of the fleet

Ensuring data protection

In order to encourage the use of electric bikes, Velco Fleet supports electric bike fleet managers through connectivity and provides a turnkey solution to meet the challenges of companies of all sizes and sectors.

The benefits of connected bike leasing for companies

Sustainable mobility

For companies, promoting soft mobility through the connected bike means :

  • choose a modern and committed approach.
  • offer employees a mobility advantage.
  • participate in the well-being of employees in the company
  • Build team loyalty and increase productivity by giving meaning to work

Thanks to the connected electric bike, the company can know the tons of CO2 saved during trips made by bike compared to those made by car. A concrete indicator for an approach that makes sense in order to attract environmentally sensitive talent

Simplified fleet operation and management through connectivity

The company offers a turnkey solution to employees, through a service provider specialising in the management of the company’s bicycle fleet. The manager controls the fleet of connected bicycles and is aware in real-time of maintenance, theft or loss issues. Velco Fleet Management allows the analysis of the fleet usage statistics to propose adapted services to companies. The bike fleet management software supports the manager to save precious time in daily monitoring. 

Tax benefits for companies

Under the mobility plan, companies liable to corporate tax that offer a fleet of electric bicycles to their employees free of charge will be able to benefit from a tax deduction of 25% of the purchase or rental price of the fleet. The purchase or rental price should be understood as the management price. Indeed, safety equipment or maintenance costs are included in the calculation of the tax allowance. In the case of a group of companies, the tax deduction will apply individually to the income of each company. However, there is no deduction for a company liable for income tax.

What are the advantages of a company electric bicycle for employees?  

Allowing employees to benefit from a fleet of bicycles in the company means offering them the possibility of lowering their commuting time, lightening their mobility budget but also avoiding the purchase of a second polluting vehicle by offering them the connected bicycle as a real alternative to the car. In addition to generating a sense of belonging and a positive vision of the company among employees, it also allows them to engage in daily physical activity, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases. Physical activity allows employees to increase their productivity by 9 to 12%.

The connected bike improves the mobility experience with functionalities related to the safety of the cyclist (maintenance information) and the security of the bike (anti-theft device) for peaceful journeys. In addition to the safety aspect, we offer comfortable and fun services (e.g. usage statistics and monitoring of CO2 savings compared to the car). The employee and his colleagues will participate in the fleet statistics and thus reinforce the cohesion and pride of belonging to the company. 

The connected bicycle: tailor-made data collection to maintain company-employee trust 

Velco assists its customers in the collection of data. Data is anonymised and collected in accordance with the GDPR. No Velco database is shared, rented or sold. The data is only used to generate services and information for the management of the fleet and its overall performance: heat maps, maintenance alerts, fleet usage statistics… All personal information remains inaccessible & confidential.  

In order to reassure the company’s employees, the data can be made accessible only to the fleet manager, external to the company. To strengthen the trust between companies and their employees, our bike fleet management solution offers the possibility to interrupt the tracking of vehicles or to restrict the access to the employees’ journey information for the companies, while keeping the access to the environmental statistics (km travelled and tons of CO2 saved.)  

We ensure that these data management and access schemes meet everyone’s expectations as far as digital security and employee protection are concerned. 

By promoting cycling with a turnkey offer for employees, the company reduces its environmental impact on work-related travel. With teleworking and environmental policy for business travel (e.g. favouring videoconferencing and train travel), the company can mark a major shift towards greener mobility.

In France, offering better travel conditions and a real alternative to the car to employees allows companies to benefit from advantages such as tax exemptions of up to 500 euros per employee and per year thanks to the sustainable mobility package, as well as tax reductions (provided that the company is liable for corporation tax) up to 25% of the purchase or rental price of the fleet.

The employer can make the vehicles in the fleet available to its employees in several models.

The company can then offer the bicycle as a company vehicle by allocating an AEB to an employee, thus allowing him or her to use the company bicycle as a personal bicycle, or choose a participatory model in the form of a benefit in kind, similar to that of meal vouchers.

The company can provide self-service bicycles in a shared fleet, where the bicycles can be booked from time to time via a dedicated application. This model will only be used for home-to-work journeys or journeys related to the employee’s activity. In the case of an estate agent, for example, it will be easier to make journeys between the agency and the properties to be visited in the city centre using a bicycle.