Data and connectivity

Maas mobilité connecté en ville

2020 September 28 Data and connectivity

3 European cities with a successful MaaS service for intelligent and multi-modal mobility

Europe aims to foster clean, connected and competitive mobility for its citizens. The transition to digital and innovation marks a turning point for mobility, in which MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is a central and essential element. Looking back on 3 European success stories of MaaS devices to promote connected, intelligent and green mobility.

can bus trottinettes

2020 September 7 Data and connectivity

How standardization and the use of the CAN BUS will enable electric soft mobility to go to scale ?

The CAN can address the three challenges of urban mobility which are: durability, maintenance and safety of both vehicles and users.

2020 September 1 Data and connectivity

5G: the new challenges for mobility

The 5G will soon be arriving in France. This will not only be a real upheaval for the mobile telephony field but also for all sectors: health, entertainment, urban mobility… Characteristics, uses, operation, what is 5G? What are the benefits and risks in terms of mobility?