Connected Mobility: a turning point for all professionals

The collection and use of data enables a profound transformation of mobility. Beyond the transformation, the digitalisation of the entire industry, from the operator to the end user, allows an unprecedented scale shift for urban mobility.

For all players in the sector, connected mobility is a turning point. It is no longer a distant trend or projection, the technology is mature and the time has come to apply these tools for all professionals. All the players who will be trained and who will be involved in connected projects will gain a considerable lead over their competitors in order to meet all the expectations of professionals and end-users in terms of security, differentiation of the offer, maintenance management, optimisation of customer relations, facilitated daily management, etc.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to find out all you need to know about connected mobility!

Our teams of experts are available to guide and support you at all stages of your training on the subject of connected mobility. Whether you are a novice or fully aware of the issues involved, we are at your disposal to exchange views. Do not hesitate to contact us, to ask us questions, for information or for more personalised projects.

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Discover our connected solutions for urban mobility: fleet management by data (Velco Fleet) or the innovation of connected two-wheelers (Velco OEM). These solutions offer you a turnkey package from the assembler to the end customer to digitise all the stations in the manufacturing chain to the end user. Customised, the connected products or dedicated software are adapted to the needs of your business. Velco accompanies you from the definition of your needs to delivery, including all stages of design, development, production, testing, delivery, training, etc…