Connect your e-bikes

Thinking of connectivity for your brand?

white paper connected ebikes

In a highly competitive bike market, connectivity is the best way to stand out.
To better understand smartbikes and how connectivity is rethinking the cycling industry, read our white paper: Connected e-bikes, understanding the benefits and opportunities of digitisation for brands. If you are a step further, find below the specific strengths of Velco on the connectivity market.

Improve riders’ experience with smartbikes

Velco, the right partner to connect your e-bikes

Further than GPS tracking

Velco offers the best of connectivity with IoT devices and a software suite dedicated to the e-bike industry, offering high value services to professionals and riders.

Premium IoT devices

Our 2 premium IoT devices are made with best-of-class technology: LTE-M/2G, CAN communication, made in France and Portugal.

SaaS Vision

Once you integrate our suite, you get all the evolutions and improvements, always a step ahead on innovation.

Ecosystems to help you perform

Velco has developed strong relationships with bike makers and e-drive system manufacturers to build easy-to-integrate IoT devices and imagine optimised ecosystems, aligned with your partners’ needs.

Transparent data policy

Velco has no interest in selling or using your riders data – they’re all yours! Data protection is one of Velco’s strengths with a top score of cybersecurity.